January 24, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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They discovered something as old as the universe itself. So far, scientists haven’t seen anything

Scientists have discovered something mysterious in the universe that exceeds all our expectations so far. The new species of brown dwarf got its own name and indicates that there are more stars in this category in the universe, JPL يبلغ.

It’s as old as the universe

The newly discovered brown dwarf has been called The Accident and it is very different from all our expectations. A brown dwarf is something that lies between the largest of the planets and the smallest of stars. Commonly known as “failed stars” – objects that have stopped growing before hydrogen fusion can begin in their cores.

However, The Accident is fundamentally different from the brown dwarfs known so far. Its specific spectrum indicates that it is as old as the universe itself. All the brown dwarfs discovered so far are much younger, and there are probably a bunch of these that we haven’t been able to spot until now, Writes Science Alert.

NASA, European Space Agency

However, brown dwarfs are large enough for fusion of deuterium, that is, heavy hydrogen, to occur in their core. Thus, these stars are much cooler and brighter than stars with a fully functional core.

We still don’t know much about these things and We recently managed to photograph a brown dwarf for the first time.

So far, the surveys haven’t found it

Due to different characteristics, previous surveys of the sky were not discovered The Accident, whose full name is WISEA J153429.75-104303.3. It wasn’t until NASA discovered it using an object detector around Earth that it was looking for it in the infrared spectrum – which is why it got the mysterious object and its name, as its discovery is just an “accident”.

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While at some wavelengths the incident is very weak and appears to be below the boiling point of water and must be very old, in others it is much brighter and must be much higher.

Image of a brown dwarf with a protoplanetary disk before it became a real star. Source: NASA / JPL

So astronomers looked at the object better and determined its distance. In the case of long distances, lower brightness is understandable. But as it turns out, The Accident is about 53 light-years away, which is very close to galactic conditions.

It’s unbelievably fast

As if all the mystery were not enough, another mystery is added to it. The crash flies through our galaxy at a speed of 25% faster than any other star in this class, reaching 207.4 km/s. According to experts, this once again proves that the body is very old and gained speed during its life due to gravitational interactions.

Scientists in his studies He found that this mysterious object was between 10 and 13 billion years old, about twice the usual age of known brown dwarfs.

“Finding such an ancient brown dwarf is not a surprise. But we did find it in our star neighbourhood, yes. Brown dwarfs at this age must be extremely rare. The chance of finding someone so close to us could be just a lucky coincidence, or the possibility of it being more more common than we thought.” I’m talking about NASA Astrophysicist Federico Marocco, who led the observations using Keck and The Hubble Telescope, Which We Almost Lost Lately.


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According to astrophysicist Davey Kirkpatrick of the California Institute of Technology, there are even weirder brown dwarfs in the universe, and the task for scientists right now is to figure out how to better search and identify them.