October 23, 2021

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They described the dinosaur, the oldest carnivore in Britain. He lived 200 million years ago

The Pentrag Milnere is small in height compared to other dinosaurs.

British scientists have described the dinosaur, the oldest carnivorous food found in the United Kingdom. The DPA said on Wednesday.

Pendrek Milnere

The creature, Pentrag milnere, was only one meter long, including its tail. He belongs to a group called Theropods, which includes Tyrannosaurus rex and current bird species.

The first part of the name – Pentreike – is the name of the dragon in medieval Welsh. Part II – Milnerey – Tribute to the recently deceased British archaeologist Angela Milner (1947-2021).

Dinosaur Pendrek Milnere lived in the Late Triassic 200 million years ago. His remains were first discovered in the village of Pontifinnan in South Wales and were scientifically described in 1983.

However, researchers have now classified it as a new species, at the same time as the oldest therop they discovered in Britain.

Small height

“Pentrek Milnere lived shortly after the development of carnivorous dinosaurs,” said Stephen Speakman, a researcher at the Natural History Museum in London, one of the authors of the study. The dinosaurs in that group – then compared to the theropods – are small.

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