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These two weeks are awful. I wish it was fun

5.11.2021 09:10

Mikaela Shiffrin has achieved all the significant successes. She has won a major crystal ball game three times, has a total of 11 world championship medals, six of which are gold, and has also won a precious metal from every Olympiad she has been in.

At the age of 26, she had plenty of leeway to beat herself up and rewrite records. However, she is a little afraid of the Olympic season. Although the race under the five laps is a holiday of celebration and joy for most fans, from the point of view of the best skater, it is a difficult stage in her career. “Basically, I’m trying to prepare a little bit for the inconvenience of one situation, which you hope will be a fun, cool event.

People see photos with Olympic rings and captions: “We went to the opening ceremony!” and “Check out these awesome costumes! This would be so much fun! That’s cool too! But honestly, it’s been awful for two whole weeks. In South Korea, I felt like I never wanted to feel like my career again.” He said in an interview with Washington Post.

High expectations and pressure play uncomfortably with the psyche. It’s hard to calm down all the negative emotions and just focus on performing on the right track. “I don’t want to feel pressured. I don’t want to hear about expectations. I don’t want to hear what other people are saying. I just want to block it out completely. To some extent it can work. But it rarely happens in the Olympics. You can’t limit all of these. Distractions at one hundred percent.”

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And it was just below expectations for the big fire ahead of the last Olympics in Pyongyang. At that time, I set out to defend the big world of the overall championship in the World Cup, in technical disciplines, I managed to beat the competitors by a degree difference and left the world championship, a junior general a year ago from South Korea, left with medals. Fans eagerly awaited what he would show under the five circles.

And it started really well. In the first competition, Obrák, she won the gold medal. On the eve of the slalom, her most powerful discipline, she sang the anthem at a podium party, and many saw another precious metal on her neck. But this did not happen. The next day, she missed the podium by eight milliseconds. In addition to support, she has also missed out on criticism and disappointing comments. She finally corrected her reputation with silver from the Alpine range.

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Michaela Schiffrin’s Gold

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the best i can be

There are several pending questions about the upcoming Olympics in Beijing regarding the slope’s conditions, quality and shape, as the World Cup test races have not been held for the coronavirus pandemic.

Not everyone will have small advantages and knowledge, everyone will try the hill for the first time in February. The results can be even more surprising and there can be a few surprises mixed in between the expected favorites. Most fans have no doubts about a great medal harvesting expert.

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According to Shiffrin’s coach Mike Day, last year was a big comeback for his assignments after injuries. Physically, but above all emotional. Gradually, she returned to the technical disciplines, where she tried to reach her level and sacrificed competition in sprints, leaving the world championships with gold, silver and two bronze medals.

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Michaela Shivrinova

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She occasionally prepped for the new season with her friend, Norwegian skater and globetrotter Alexander Aamodt Keld, who became her big support and made going back to the good old days a lot more fun. “Having someone like Alex in your life is like medicine. It’s like a healing salve. It’s so good that something positive has happened — really, really positive,” Shiffrin’s mother said.

The American Champion’s coach is also feeling great progress. “Our training was a lot better than it was a year ago. Her condition is as high or higher as ever. I feel like it’s getting a little bit back to normal with the quality of the skating.”

The big Shiffrin is also expected to return at the Olympics. A little ahead of expectations, you like to escape and get out on the track with a clear mind. “I try to be realistic. I would very much like the Olympics to be a fun and amazing two week experience and I will get everything I want.

Even if it was incredibly successful in terms of results, it wouldn’t have been the most fun and enjoyable of times. It’s going to be a great moment and it’s going to be a really tough moment.

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It’s kind of realistic. This is what happens. So trying to convince yourself of anything else is like saying no before the event actually happens. I want to go into it with a really open mind. I feel like that’s exactly what we’re working on.”

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