January 28, 2022

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These scooters and electric bike are unreal!  It can also be ordered from Slovakia

These scooters and electric bike are unreal! It can also be ordered from Slovakia

Summer is in full swing and with it there is the opportunity to go on a trip or a walk. Temperatures have risen above 30 in many places, so more and more people prefer cycling and scooters. No wonder, after a long winter everything will go well. If you want to not only increase the comfort of driving, but also enjoy the speed at which you move around the city or nature, we have some tips for you. Specifically two electric bikes and one electric mountain bike.

Bezier S1: top speed up to 45 km/h

🛒 price: 570.06 € | 🎫 Coupon: GKB673S | 🚚 postage: Free (EU)

It is backed by really strong 1000W motor, which is no problem with larger passengers. It will definitely satisfy Reach 50 kmwhich provides a large volume, 13 ah Battery (48 volts). Thanks to the combination of these two components, the scooter can develop maximum speed 45 km/hWhich is indeed a decent number.

The big ride takes care of the ride comfort 10 inch wheels with style A disc brakes. Thanks to them, you will not have a problem even on unpaved roads. The scooter will not get lost in the woods, but it certainly will not have a problem on roads and sidewalks. It also contributes to that Wheelbase 93 cm.

The scooter has a gross weight 30.7 kgWatch out for. Therefore, it is not suitable for children.

It is also interesting that the scooter “starts” a key. It is a system that ensures that children cannot drive without your supervision. There is also a screen that shows basic information such as battery status or current speed.

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Like other scooters, the BEZIOR S1 is foldable. It is very easy (depending on your strength) to load it in the car and carry it in the trunk.

We get to the most important thing – the price. The cost of the BEZIOR S1 is currently €570.06. You can reach this price by entering a coupon GKB673S At Geekbuying Store. has in stock In stock EUWhere will he send it to you? Without any additional fees Free to Slovakia. I will come to you 3 to 10 days. However, we know from our own experience that it is closer to those three days.

BEZIOR S2: Brutal entertainment for adults

🛒 price: 91,582 Euro (Euro) | 🎫 Coupon: GKB695S | 🚚 postage: Shipping (EU warehouse)

BEZIOR S2 powered 2400W motor (2x 1200W), which is able to climb up 45 degrees. The scooter can also handle uneven terrain off-road, thanks to two 11 inch wheelswhich also hides the brake disc.

The car weighs Galilee 41.84 kg. Its higher weight is mainly due to its 21 Ah battery, which provides you with a large and sufficient range juice To a lot of force. 0% to 100% with fee 8 to 12 hours.

scooter has durability IP54It has a small display that shows the current speed and two buttons to select the maximum power. One button switches the power between “Eco” and “Turbo” and the other to turn the second engine on or off.

Located front and back Two powerful headlightsWhich can provide the rider enough visibility for a safer ride. Unlike conventional scooters, the chassis also includes a spring-loaded seat.

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Beziure S2 Under normal circumstances, it costs 981 euros, but TECHBYTE readers can buy it much cheaper. All they have to do is enter the coupon in the Geekbuying store GKB695S The price will be reduced to €91,582.

The store will deliver it to you from a European warehouse and therefore the shipment You don’t have to spill suffer Nothing to pay more. Postage is free.

BEZIOR X500 Pro – Good performance mountain bike

🛒 price: 873,65 euros 🎫 Coupon: GKB731S | 🚚 postage: Shipping (EU warehouse)

The BEZIOR X500 Pro is a standard looking mountain bike, which hides plenty of assistance when riding over mountain trails or just a classic point A to point B action. Huge battery 10.4 Ah Leadership 500 watt electric motor.

A pure electric bike will provide you with a very suitable cruising speed up to 30 km/hWhich is enough not only for the city, but also for a weekend in the forest or park. The bike is excellent Range up to 100 kmThanks to it, you can ride it without any worries all day long.

Thanks Solid Aluminum Building (6061) It can handle a bike that weighs passengers 200 kgWhile its electric motor is 500 watts Can handle altitude up to 30 degrees. The good news is that the battery in the bike frame is water-resistant. So you don’t have to be afraid to drive even when you are surprised by the summer shower.

You don’t have to pull the entire bike into the socket when you need to charge the battery. The battery can be easily removed from the design. weighs about 3 kg It ships relatively quickly. from 0% to 100% lag behind 4-5 hours.

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Bike gear also included internal computerWhich will teach you all the basics. You will find information on battery status, current speed, as well as mileage.

Take care of the “derailleur” 7-stage system from a Japanese company ShimanoFor safety, in turn, the brake disc that ensures the braking distance 4 meters only (from 30 km / h).

You can buy the BEZIOR X500 Pro today at Geekbuying. He will pack it safely for you and send it from the European DPD warehouse by courier. You will have it at home in a few days (usually 2-3) and without paying any additional fees.

In cooperation with Geekbuying.