November 30, 2021

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These are the main reasons why SD memory cards are not used in smartphones

Storage is always an issue when it comes to smartphones. However, if you are using one of the older models, this problem will happen once a lot. The solution is SD cards, which you simply insert into the phone and you can use a few extra gigabytes of free space.

The portal wrote that using an SD card, especially on Android devices, can lead to several unexpected problems MakeUseOf. What are the most common problems you can expect?


There are several different types of SD cards that can differ radically in terms of parameters. Anyway, if you decide to move the apps you use daily to the SD card, you may notice longer app and game launch times. This can be really frustrating for someone.

If you insist that you also want apps on your SD card, look for cards labeled A1 or A2. This number indicates the performance of their applications. However, if you only want photos or other files on the card, One of the two fastest types, UHS-I or Class 10, is recommended.

Links or passwords disappear

A strange and relatively rare mistake. It is possible that if you have everything stored on the SD card, after unpacking the phone You can delete links on the home screen or even saved passwords.

Complex file search

Each user has the option to format the SD card as internal storage. However, the smartphone does not consider it as part of the normal storage. This can be a problem, especially if you want to search for certain files.

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It might happen You save some files to your smartphone’s internal memory, while others save to your SD card. It might not be so bad at first, but as the number of files increases, it becomes difficult to remember exactly where to save something.

Move to a new device

The SD card is not USB, which will quickly detect if you want to flip the card to another device. Whether it’s a computer or another phone, once the SD card is formatted as the device’s internal storage, the data becomes encrypted. This means that another device will not be able to access the data.

If you want to use the card on another device, You have to reformat it to lose everything you saved in it.

Limited service life

SD cards have a limited number of read and write cycles. This means that every time you open a file, its life span decreases. How long your card will last mainly depends on the quality of the card. But the problem is that you never know how much life is left on the SD card. If you find one in the tray, it may be just before the end and you will lose data in the least convenient time.

Unlike hard disks, SD card It has no warning sign, who will announce the end of her life.

Bad performance of Android games

As we wrote above, SD cards can affect the recording times of your apps. However, if you consider yourself a mobile gamer, it is better to save your Android games in your internal storage. Even today’s fastest type of SD card can’t tighten up the latest mobile gaming.

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