December 7, 2021

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MIUI 13 nadstavba

These 9 new functions refer to the MIUI 13 superstructure: we can look forward to all these possibilities!

an introduction MIUI 13 superstructures It is already around the corner. We are all looking forward to the official date when the first version of the superstructure will be released to the public, and we are already expecting this fateful date to be 16. December. That’s when he had to run View models from the series Xiaomi 12 During the four major hours the introduction And we wouldn’t be angry at all if this representation were supplemented with i New version of the MIUI superstructure. Thanks to the beta and community Xiaomi However, today we can already say what great new features will complement the new version of the system from Xiaomi. Now let’s take a look at this overview together.

Smart Toolbox

function called Smart Toolbox We just devoted ourselves to newly. It’s supposed to be something Pier with the most used applications or apps of your choice. It will be available to you at any time and you will not have to search for the necessary applications. You will simply always have it on hand. We already know similar function from Samsung smartphones, but they also have one Series discs Mi Pad 5 from Xiaomi. This is what Grandma would look like.


Save camera settings

when you open it photography app Your smartphone is always at the same default settings. In the MIUI 13 superstructure, it should be different and The application will be able to remember the last shooting mode and camera settings. And although this feature may seem a little superfluous, it will definitely save us a lot of time.

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Camera MIUI 13

order tracking

The third feature we are going to look at today It won’t be available outside of China yet. However, this does not change the fact that it will be very useful and may appear in our country later. Thanks to the MIUI 13 superstructure, you will be able to Check your order and monitor its status. However, it is not yet known if this functionality will later expand to us in Europe.

We also dealt with this function of the MIUI 13 superstructure only newly. The battery temperature indicator in the security app should be slightly modified And while it shows us the current battery temperature today, these values ​​don’t tell us much. However, after the new, Xiaomi will alert us to the battery temperature by three degrees – cold, normal and hot. With these three words Xiaomi tells us about the temperature of our battery.

Xiaomi battery temperature indicator

Backup files and settings when upgrading to trial and back

Many Xiaomi smartphone users are discouraged from using the beta system with the fact that They will lose all their data while moving. They had to backup them manually, but this will end up in the MIUI 13 superstructure. Data and settings will be changed when you switch to beta or go back to a stable version of the system They automatically backup and restore.

mascot assistant

Again, we look at the specific function Primarily for China. We do not use the XiaoAI voice assistant in our area, which will have it after the new i avatar picture. This will be generated using the function MiMojiWhich we also don’t use in our country. However, it is good that Xiaomi has brought the voice assistant to life, and perhaps these features will come to us later.

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MiMoji XiaoAI MIUI 13

MIUI Health and Xiaomi Wear اتصال connection

Application MIUI Health Not available in the global version of the MIUI addon. However, this does not change the reality of the application Xiaomi clothes We can use it daily to connect wearable devices to our smartphone. Thanks to the MIUI 13 extension, the two apps will be integrated with and We can expect new features Xiaomi Health apps in our market.

MIUI Health app

New features in gallery

The Gallery app will also undergo minor modifications to the MIUI 13 superstructure. However, the main change will be presence Slider with date on the right. A similar image can be found today in the Google Photos application, and in general, the gallery of smartphones from Xiaomi will resemble this variant of the American giant. New look for the app You can see below.

Xiaomi MIUI 13 Galleria

New interface themes

Themes app We certainly don’t have to give it to anyone. This app is also experiencing many changes, as its interface is a bit outdated. It has not changed during many versions of the superstructure and since the release of MIUI 13 Several design changesFinally, we have seen a change in the Themes app.

MIUI 13 Themes

What news attracted you the most? And you can find your device on Compatible Smartphone List For the MIUI 13 superstructure? Share with us in the comments!

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