November 28, 2021

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There would be none of the attack on the historical record, the appraiser lost the tug of war in December

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There will be nothing of an attack on the historical record in December at least. The Octagon’s lightweight and featherweight champ, Evan Buchinger, plans to face the king of the show, David Kosom, on Oct. 4 at the Octagon.

No one in the MMA-related organization has won titles at three weights. Former Cage Warriors Champion or M-1 Champion Evan Buchinger, then 39, was slated to be the first.

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However, that will not be possible this year. Evan Buchinger was injured during training and we will not see him in the octagon in Brno. “I had my last sparring last week. I told myself I was still training, even though I was already tired and dislocated my knee at the last minute,” Evan Buchinger said in an interview with

“I teamed up with Carol Risavo, he wanted to throw. When I fell, my knee remained tight. I stabbed in it, but told myself it was nothing. But then he started hurting me wildly. I went to the doctor who told me he didn’t see anything terrible there. Knee knots, as well as ties. He sent me for an MRI, which revealed a fracture in my knee,” The 35-year-old former Cage Warriors or M-1 champion continued.

Therefore, the fight against David Kosom should be postponed indefinitely. However, the idea of ​​the historical record and the third belt does not give up. “I’m going to do an arthroscopy to collect it as soon as I can. I don’t have any plans yet for what’s going to happen next. I have no idea how long rehab will take, but I expect to start it in a month. I hope to play with Koz and get a chance.” To get the third belt “, Quote from Czech Ivan Buchinger

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“Ondrej Novotný told me the window was closed and would probably never open again… Yes, I was very close, but I thought I’d open that window again, I’d rewrite history and then I could end my career with a clear conscience,” Added on Instagram.

The appraiser has already announced the name of his deputy. Veteran Serbian Bojan Velikovic will take care of the main match of the evening in the upcoming December tournament with David Kozem.