December 2, 2021

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There will be a partial lunar eclipse in November. Will we see him from Slovakia too?

In a few days, the world will encounter another cosmic phenomenon – a partial lunar eclipse. It will be very noticeable in some parts of the world and some countries will not be so lucky. What are the conditions for monitoring in Slovakia?

Several countries around the world are preparing for one of the most important astronomical events this year. It has to be the longest partial lunar eclipse of this century.

According to NASA, the upcoming partial lunar eclipse will last for 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds in the areas where it can be best seen. This is much longer than any other eclipse of the twenty-first century.

A partial global eclipse will occur on November 19, but it will not be visible to all countries.

The best conditions for observation will occur in North America. The eclipse can also be enjoyed by people in South America, Western Europe, Australia and Oceania, in West Africa and most of Asia.

However, the eclipse will not be admired by most of Africa, the Middle East and some countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

vision limit

According to NASA’s model, Slovakia is located in an area where the observing conditions are won’t fit. The border of visibility passes almost across the border of western Slovakia, while the Czech Republic or Austria can enjoy this cosmic phenomenon for a short time under suitable weather conditions.

Source: NASA

Our neighbors will likely see a partial eclipse a few moments before sunset, me. before seven in the morning

For those who have been disappointed, we also have a satisfying message. Over the next eight decades, as many as 179 eclipses will occur, an average of two eclipses per year.

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You can enjoy the next phenomenon on May 16, 2022.