December 7, 2021

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There is no restroom for the return of the SpaceX crew stuck in diapers

There is no restroom for the return of the SpaceX crew stuck in diapers

Cape Canaveral, Florida Astronauts leaving the International Space Station on Sunday will be trapped on their way home with diapers because the toilet in their capsule has malfunctioned.

“Space journey is full of small challenges,” she said during a press conference from orbit. “It is just another thing that we will encounter on our mission and we will take care of it. So we are not too concerned about that.”

After a series of meetings on Friday, mission managers decided to bring MacArthur and the rest of his crew home before being replaced. SpaceX’s launch was delayed by more than a week due to bad weather and unpublished health issues for one of the crew members.

SpaceX is now focused on the early start on Wednesday night.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who is back with MacArthur, told reporters that the past six months have been very tense. The cosmonauts made a series of ascents into space to improve the station’s electrical grid, withstood the unintended launch of rocket engines by Russian vehicles, made a short rotation of the station, and hosted a special Russian camera crew. Ki – first space station.

He also had to deal with a toilet leak, remove the panels in the SpaceX capsule, and look for puddles of urine. The problem was first reported during a SpaceX private flight in September, when the tube ruptured without sticking and urine poured underground. SpaceX repaired the toilet on the capsule, which was waiting to start, but considered it unusable in orbit.

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The engineers found that the capsule was not structurally disrupted by urine and was safe to return. Astronauts will have to rely on what NASA describes as exploitative “belts.”

Culinary-wise, according to MacArthur, the astronauts planted the first chili peppers in space—”good moral support.” Over the past week, he’s had to sample his crop and add chunks of green and red peppers to his tacos.

“They have a nice bite, they burn a little,” she said. “Some found it a bigger problem than others.”

MacArthur and Bisquet also return with NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough and Japanese astronaut Akihik Hoshed. SpaceX launched it to the space station on April 23. Its capsule has been certified for a maximum of 210 days in space, and since Friday is its 196th day, NASA wants to get it back as soon as possible.

After his departure, American and Rosanne will remain on the space station. Although it would be better if their replacements arrived early — to share tips about life in space — Kimbrough said the remaining NASA astronauts will add newcomers.


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