January 28, 2022

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There are only four days left to inform the financial department about the bank accounts

There are only four days left to inform the financial department about the bank accounts

Value-added tax (VAT) payers registered on November 15, 2021 have only the last four days to report to the Finance Department the bank accounts they use for the business. They will find the pre-filled form in their mailboxes on the Financial Management portal, and a structured form is also available on the portal.

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By November 30, 2021 at the latest

VAT payers registered on November 15, 2021 They must inform the Finance Department of their bank accounts by November 30, 2021 at the latest. Since the financial department has bank accounts that have been notified by the taxable person or by payment service providers, each VAT payer has received A pre-filled notification form in his inbox Within the personal Internet area On the financial management portal.

Where exactly is the shape?

The form is available after logging in to the portal of financial management in the personal Internet area of ​​u200bu200bthe catalog of forms in the Department of Taxes – VAT – Notification of accounts used for business. Bank account notifications made in another form will not be accepted by the financial report.

The list will be updated daily

Obligation to inform the financial department of the local and foreign bank account numbers, which is used by business value-added tax payers, has introduced an amendment to the Value Added Tax Act. It will bring customers many benefits, especially in the form of Reducing potential liability risks for unpaid VAT.

Because The announced bank accounts will be published on the financial management portal (PFS), customers will be able to verify that they are paying for goods or services to an account that the supplier has reported as a business user account. The financial report will be The list is published as of January 1, 2022 and updated daily.

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Focusing on safety

The basics of the list are regulated by the tax code, to the extent of the name and surname of the natural person, the address of the permanent residence or place of business, if different from the address of the permanent residence, the name of the legal entity, the registered office, the tax identification number of the payer and the account number held with the foreign banking or payment service provider.

For privacy reasons, they will Data in new information lists Posted for After entering the full value of the VAT ID to filter. This means that only the selected information list data will be displayed, corresponding to the value of the entered VAT ID.

Preview the entire list It will only be possible with exports from online lists of information, which will be created and published daily on the financial management portal. However, the financial management is also in this direction Security measures have been taken and exported files You will be subject to a strict licensing policy.