January 21, 2022

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There are more daily deaths in the UK after March

There are more daily deaths in the UK after March

LONDON, July 20 (DASR) – 96 corona virus deaths were reported in the UK in the last 24 hours on Tuesday, the highest in a single day since March this year, according to AB and Sky News.

In the past day, 46,558 new corona virus infections were reported in the country, higher than the previous day, with 39,950 new cases and 19 deaths in the UK. One week ago, 36,660 new cases and 50 deaths were reported in the country.

The last death toll on Tuesday was recorded in the UK on March 24, with 98 deaths recorded in connection with the Govt. In total, there are already 128,823 deaths in the country. The UK has the seventh highest number of corona virus deaths.

The number of hospital admissions has increased by 38.4 per cent in the past week, with 4,500 people suffering from Govt disease in the last seven days.

The rise in new cases comes a day after all remaining anti-epidemic measures in the UK, including the wearing of veils and the observance of secession, ceased to be in use. However, experts warn that the cancellation of these measures could lead to a further increase in the number of new cases and deaths in the coming weeks.

However, the UK is doing better than vaccinating the population. According to Sky News, more than 36.2 million people have been fully vaccinated.

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