December 9, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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There are experts who do not know how to greet or thank.  They need to smile and have a nice day

There are experts who do not know how to greet or thank. They need to smile and have a nice day

Karls Burger is truly a Bratislava veteran’s classic. Over the years, this concept has managed to gain a large number of loyal customers and a rating of 4.9 points.

Juraj Barta is located behind the burger factory in Karlova Ves. The 35-year-old businessman peeked into the business world at his side Studying in the University. Together with three of his friends, he first ran a small bar with game consoles.

“The work did not have a happy ending. It taught me a lot ThingsWhich definitely helped me on another Karls Burger project,” says the head of the company.

Juraj considers fear at work Normal thing. pretend to On the other hand, it is also a kind of payment An engine to make things happen This is to reduce the risk of failure.

Source: Carlos Burger

From the start, he was driven by himself An environment that at least encouraged him to try opening something of his own. He arrived preparing the burgers in a completely natural way.

He claims to have made different types of burgers at every grill he appeared on. The Word of Mouth and Karls Burger is truly one of the best burgers in town.

Source: Carlos Burger

The only problem is when the penultimate operation is sold out. This, in turn, causes some people to become angry at not receiving the service. However, it must be borne in mind that the burger can hardly work in the situation, as cafes do not have such problems.

Since there is still a need for fresh raw materials and selected meat, it happens that the demand for this burger exceeds the supply. However, it is true that Karls Burger is always telling on social networks whether it is still worthwhile to gauge the method here. Just follow the tags on Facebook or Instagram.

Source: Carlos Burger

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In January 2022, Karls celebrated its fifth anniversary. Currently serving 5 different types of burgers and One special month. Juraj does not want to reinvent the wheel. Karls Burger’s main philosophy is to serve up a real hamburger.

“To achieve this, we had to start with individual raw materials. It is important for us from where they come from to offer our customers the most intense burger taste, compactness, and maximum satisfaction. When choosing meat, we pay special attention to its quality and origin, and we cook the sauces ourselves.”

Source: Carlos Burger

The fresh vegetables come from Slovak farmers and the butter cakes here are supplied by a certified business partner. Good beer, which they get from small Moravian producers, is an integral part of hamburgers.

Burgers start at €9.20, French fries €3 and you pay €3.30 for those with parmesan cheese and garlic. If you decide on dessert, it will cost 3.50 euros.

Source: Carlos Burger

Juraj has already invested tens of thousands of euros into running it. I must say that I am very grateful to the parents of the company, who helped me a lot financially.”

Even today, he still remembers well all the complications he had to deal with. “NSAt first there were problems with the approval of the building. I was surprised by the business environment, its unpredictability, opacity and unnecessary bureaucracy.”

However, it is not yet known what awaits him in the year of the epidemic. “And therefore, As with most operations, we also have a drop in sales. But I have to thank our customers, who are really unrealistic and have supported us even in the worst of times, so we are still living this covid period well.”

Source: Carlos Burger

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Juraj sees gastronomy clearly helping entrepreneurs in Slovakia again Determine the tax and levy burden for the entire sector. “Right now it’s not quite perfect, and I think competent people know that very well, but somehow they are not in a rush to change.”

Juraj also claims that Slovaks are getting better as customers. They improve, perhaps in direct proportion to how the stomach moves. In most cases they are fine, but there are also a few experts who don’t even know how to say hello, ask or thank. They need to smile at them and have a good day.”

Source: Carlos Burger

Proud young businessmanConsequently, Arlovistan says he will not change the location he is currently working in. At the same time fully open to expansion Also to other Slovak cities.

In addition to that already This summer with the team He opened a food truck in Štrkovec, which has gained a lot of attention from the locals. “I’m sure we’ll open again once it gets a little warmer.” He still wants to do it As it is Having fun and thus doing good gastronomy. In business, the motto is to not be afraid and to do things one enjoys to the fullest.