November 30, 2021

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Theatrical family gathered at the Scenic Harvest Theater and the Turčianske . Stage

MARTIN, Oct 24 (TASR) – Martin’s theater family grew this weekend thanks to performances by Scenic Harvest and Turčianske Stage, which also provided a more comprehensive view of contemporary amateur theatre. This was stated by the director of the Turčianske Cultural Center (TKS) in Martin, Soňa Buckulčíková.

According to its director Mate Mosic, the Scénická žatva festival could be organized mainly due to the desire of TKS. “She had already booked an appointment at the Slovak Chamber Theater (SKD) on the Turčianske Theatre. We took them one day that was just our shows. None of the programs interfered. Therefore, if someone wanted to watch the entire Turčianske stage and the entire landscape harvest, they had the opportunityMoscow said.

The TKS director added that they moved the stage of the Turčianske tour from April to October. “Since the stage harvest had to be canceled and translated in August, the management of the National Enlightenment Center (NOC) contacted us and we agreed. Originally we had a place booked for three days. But our performance went down, so we got into a two day show. Then it was already on the liaison between SKD and NOC,Bakulsikova said.

She noted that the theater harvest was originally held in early October and November. “It moved to the end of August 17 years ago and is now back to its original date. Next year will be the hundredth and we may meet again at the end of the summer,TKS Director said.

Non-professional theater artists and readers from all over Slovakia present themselves at the Scénická žatva Festival. “Contests are held all year round and the winners perform at Stage Harvest. This year we were unable to do progressive contests for COVID-19, so the program was authored by the Dramatic Council,He explained, “Moscow.

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Turčianske Theater is a regional show of adult non-professional theater and youth non-professional theater. The winning teams will represent the جيلilina region at the Bilopotok Mikulas performances in Liptovsky Mikulas and the Youth Theater Festival (FeDiM) in Tesović.