January 21, 2022

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The year 2021 was very sad: these celebrities are gone forever!

The year 2021 was very sad: these celebrities are gone forever!

It has been a very sad year. rude. Many famous faces, stars of show business, actors, singers and famous athletes came to the underworld. We left Andy Hrick in January, the day after Robo Kazek, the Czechs lost Cinderella Lipushi Safrankova and hitmaker Ladislav Stedel. Honor their memory!

Michel Tavaruzek (7.1.)

Tvarožek (78) lived for his work. open gallery

Right at the beginning of the year, the famous medium, publisher and editor Michal Tvaruchek († 78) left the radio skies. He stood at the birth of the legendary Radio Journal, which also brought up controversial topics in the 1990s, and dedicated decades to working on radio. He died after a short and severe illness. “Our Miško Tvarožek was a prototype of a real character, one of those from whom I learned the unwritten secrets of radio when I was a young radio operator. Wise, humble, friendly, self-sacrificing, generous, the body and soul of the radio operator, said Jaroslav Reznik, Director of RTVS, With a microphone implanted into the umbilical cord, he loved and respected the listeners and gave it back to him with love.”

Andy Hrick (31.1.)

Actor Andy Herrick open gallery

The directors preferred to cast actor Andy Herrick (71) in villains, so he will forever be associated with cheating bartender from Sweet Worries and brutal coordinator Rácz in Rivers of Babylon. He has acted in dozens of movies and series and ended his rich career with Slovakia, which had his first TV show last year. The huge and respectable man is suffering from the deadly leukemia which he has been battling since April 2020.

Ladislav Stedel (31.1.)

Ladislav Steidl open gallery

Not long after Karel Gott left this world, even his close assistant, musician, composer and well-known businessman Ladislav Štaidl (75) was taken forever. He became one of the victims of the Corona virus, and his body was weakened by cancer. Štaild was a former partner of singer Iveta Bartošová, with whom his son Arthur was born, but he was generally known for the number of hits he wrote: I’ll sweeten my coffee, I’ll shoot a cannon, fire, water and wind … He ended his active career in the art industry in 1992 and began the work.

Robo Kasik (1.2.)

Robo Kazek open gallery

Black beards, good mood, strong part of the previous song contest Repete. This is how Robo Kazík (73), who suddenly left the artistic sky, can be described briefly, while the audience did not know about any serious health problems. The famous singer died in his house in Banska Bystrica, his heart failed, and in the morning his wife Marinka found him without signs of life. His album consists of 18 studio albums, the first of which was released in 1994. He has won acclaim from fans with songs that belong to us, love or this single that belongs to us.

Joseph Fengloss (26.1.)

Joseph Fengloch was a football expert recognized all over the world. open gallery

A world-class footballing personality left in his person. Heart failure became fatal for Joseph Fengloch (84), the legendary coach and respected expert. Much more space would be needed to summarize her achievements. As a coach who captained five different national teams, he fought for notable European clubs, including Barcelona. He participated in the only European Championship from Belgrade (1976) as an assistant coach. At the next European Championships four years later in Italy, he led Czechoslovakia to a bronze medal as head coach.

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Hana Hegerova (23.3.)

Heger (89) left us unexpectedly at the end of March. open gallery

Pour me into the Danube! This was the last wish of a native of Bratislava, the Queen of Chanson, who will celebrate her 90s this year. She was a real Czechoslovak star, loved by her fans for her unmistakable voice and speech. She suffered from serious health problems for a long time, underwent dialysis, and also had a fracture of the neck of the femur. She was also in great pain in her heart, because her only son Matthew died suddenly at the age of sixty. We will always remember Hana Hegerová thanks to songs like Lavender and Cherries.