January 29, 2022

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The world’s largest Starship missile will not fly soon

The first orbital flight of the world’s largest rocket, Starship, which is being developed and built in Texas by the space company Musk SpaceX, has again been postponed, this time for another two months, Informs the space news portal.

The FAA is to blame, but it argues something else.

The masses are responsible

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) first set an ultimatum to end the new EA on December 31, 2021. However, according to the latest statement, it is forced to postpone that date until February 28, two months later. There may also be fans of Musk’s project.

The office states in the report that it has received up to 18,000 public comments on the new EA. And it is not just objective criticism or justified support, but also a lot of comments from fans of the space program, who wanted to support SpaceX, but inadvertently slowed down the whole process.

Elon Musk / SpaceX

The process includes, among other things, consultation with other governmental structures, whether it is endangered animals and plants or cultural and historical relics.

Musk said that in the past The license is expected to be obtained by the end of 2021 and the first orbital flight of the Starship will be in January or February.

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Will they switch to another prototype?

Although rumors have recently started that the company is about to dismantle a prototype of a Booster 4 Stage 1 Super Heavy and a Class 2 Ship 20, Musk has refuted those claims and confirmed that these are two specific machines.

However, the question arises whether this also applies in the case of such a delay. At the moment we will have to wait for official words from SpaceX, but it is not excluded that if by then a newer and more advanced prototype is ready, they will use it. However, since the first flight is already planned and no landing is planned, such a move is unlikely.

Tests continue

The next launch of the Ship 20 prototype engines is scheduled for today, December 29. It is equipped with a total of six The company’s own developed Raptor missile engines, three of which have been optimized for the vacuum process.

According to Musk, this side of the ship should be changed and eventually get nine engines, of which up to six will be optimized in space. The machine is also getting more fuel and the news is also about the first stage.

Aside from the first orbital flight, other prototypes will not use the old version of the Raptor engines and will instead fly with a more powerful and at the same time simpler engine than the Raptor 2. The company has also started production in Texas, from any Musk was very worried because the existence of the entire program was said to depend on her And also Starlink constellation.

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