January 28, 2022

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The world premiere of LG solutions at CES represents new innovations

LG delivers solutions for a more inclusive, sustainable and connected future

At CES 2022, LG Electronics revealed its vision for a better lifestyle and a better future for all. inside The world premiere of LG, which was also attended by William Chu, CEO of LG, showcased LG’s diverse innovations for the year ahead, outlining its ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive user environment and a sustainable tomorrow.

LG’s theme for CES 2022 was Password The better life you deserve (You deserve a better life), which emphasizes LG’s ultimate goal of elevating all aspects of daily life through technological and design innovations. This vision is presented through three short films: a better life for youAnd A better life for everyone a Better life tomorrow. (A better life for you, a better life for everyone, a better life for tomorrow).

A Better Life for You: Creating Value for Every Lifestyle

LG’s hardware concept, which can be constantly improved, is the main theme of the first short film a better life for you. With new learning and development capabilities to better meet users’ individual lifestyle needs, the enhanced LG ThinQ platform improves compatible products with additional features that will provide even greater convenience in 2022. Film a better life for you It shows how advances in LG’s entertainment solutions provide viewers with an enjoyable viewing experience on larger, more personalized and interactive screens.

The audience was introduced to the LG StanbyME Display, a special portable wireless display that can be placed anywhere in the home and will provide an ideal experience for watching traditional TV. LG PuriCare™ AeroTower, a global home care solution designed to deliver the benefits of an air purifier, fan and heater, also made its world premiere, while LG tiiun provides indoor gardens an easy, clean, and reliable way to grow healthy greenery year-round.

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A better life for all: more sustainable and inclusive

The main theme of the movie A better life for everyone It is LG’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and making its business more sustainable. Energy-saving innovations built into the InstaView® refrigerator and its transparent door, which, when double-clicked, allow indoor viewing, increased use of recycled materials in LG speaker packaging and reduced plastic components in LG OLED TVs demonstrate LG’s commitment to finding the best solutions for people. and the planet. After 2022, LG expects to use more than 600,000 tons of recycled plastic in its manufacturing processes and increase the use of e-waste to eight million tons by 2030.

Inclusiveness is also key to the growth of the LG brand and achieving this goal, which is why LG is committed to investing in accessibility advisory boards in different markets. These advisory boards, made up of accessibility experts and people with disabilities, play a key role in advising LG in developing products for a more inclusive user experience, such as voice control and braille tagging.

LG launches award to support innovation and sustainability in 2022 Good Life Award Aiming at – Aiming at Innovation for the Earth a Innovation for allTo get ideas for reducing the impact of human activity on the environment and improving the accessibility and usability of LG products. Winners will receive up to $1 million. More details will be announced next year.

A Better Life for Tomorrow: A Plan for the Future

The third and final short film focuses on LG’s future and its role in turning science fiction into reality, with an AI-powered CLOi delivery robot developed by LG that is ready to run. Viewers can also look behind the scenes as the virtual artist performs rih From LG rehearsing for the upcoming music video.

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The focus is also on LG OMNIPOD, a conceptual mobility solution that blurs the line between home and car. LG OMNIPOD, which develops automotive solutions introduced by LG at home connected car At CES 2020, it is an extension of the personal living space for travel. The LG OmniPOD is designed to function as a home office, entertainment center or even a living room and offers a look at how a busy person can do more in the future when remote work isn’t necessary.