January 29, 2022

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Filing a tax return (DP) for motor vehicle tax will be easier for taxpayers this year, too. The financial report from 8.1.2022 will distribute pre-filled tax returns for this tax to users who have an active email box on the FM portal and who have also submitted a tax return for the 2020 tax period. Tax return must be submitted and tax paid by January 31, 2022.

You can find the pre-filled tax return for motor vehicle tax in the section Communication history – documents received in the personal Internet area. The automatically generated document contains all taxpayer identification data, tax period, tax return type, and the tax account itself. However, even the tax return filled in this way must first be checked and supplemented with the current data for the new tax period 2021, which is not mentioned in the tax return for 2020 and therefore cannot be mentioned in the previously filled tax return. Therefore, a link to the generated information and the pre-filled vehicle tax return will be attached to the e-mail box on the portal with warnings for the pre-filled tax return lines in order to correctly complete and correct the pre-filled data. Vehicle use case.

The vehicle tax return is submitted by tax entities that use a vehicle registered in the Slovak Republic for business purposes. All tax entities obligated to communicate with the Financial Department electronically (payers of value-added tax, legal entities registered in the commercial registry, natural persons – entrepreneurs) must submit this tax return exclusively electronically. Other entities can also deliver the tax return in person or mail it to the tax office (for example, civil associations that have a commercial license and are not registered with the commercial registry).

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