January 22, 2022

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The White House is full of Biden's people!  He put many of his acquaintances into it, and so did Trump

The White House is full of Biden’s people! He put many of his acquaintances into it, and so did Trump

Donald Trump eventually realized that he might have made a mistake in appointing people from his immediate area to government positions, he wrote. Forbes. The bodyguard became the chief of security in the Oval Office, the real estate attorney became a diplomat for the Middle East, the assistant went to the Department of Urban Development, and his daughter Ivanka Trump became the principal advisor to the President of the United States.

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But Joe Biden brought more of his people into government. There are nearly thirty, including four who previously worked with the president’s nonprofit Biden Foundation, the Biden Cancer Initiative, the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware, and the Ben Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania. They were all created during his tenure as Vice President Barack Obama. Unlike the Trump administration, Biden has at least brought on those already infected in politics. “My biggest objection to the Trump administration wasn’t really about hiring people from the Trump Organization. It was more about their qualifications in the field, and whether they really had relevant experience for what they came to government for.” says Walter Schaub, former director of the US Office of Government Ethics.

Anthony Blink

Many members of Biden’s cabinet are his longtime partners, pulling him by one rope as he did with the US vice president. In general, their career can be compared to a longtime consultant Anthony Blinken. He served in the Obama administration as Deputy Secretary of State. During Trump’s tenure, he co-founded the consulting firm WestExec Advisors and became the CEO of the Ben Biden Center. As soon as Biden was able to get to the presidency, Blinken took over the position of Secretary of State.

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city ​​police

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Several officials worked for many of Biden’s organizations. For example, Brian McKeown served in several national security positions under President Barack Obama and later became the chair of the Ben Biden Center and a consultant at the Biden Foundation. When Biden became president, McCune accepted a job alongside Blinken, serving as deputy secretary of state. They came here for their knowledge of foreign policy. Additionally, they have worked with incumbent President Biden in the past. A spokesperson for the specified department.

Those who came to the White House from the Trump Organization were criticized for their lack of government experience. However, experts also have reservations about some Bidens. “It is not uncommon for superiors to want someone close to them they can trust. I think there are more concerns when the situation forces you to look for other forms of communication, such as Blinken and WestExec.” Peoples say. WestExec Advisors specializes in advising clients with geopolitical and political expertise. Shoob and others criticized the company for shadow pressures. WextExec, which has worked with companies such as Blackstone, Facebook, Softbank and Uber, has so far made no criticism.

The White House is full

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Amber MacDonald, the White House public relations coordinator, has received compensation from the Biden Foundation and the Biden Cancer Initiative through a company she owns. In addition, she was provided with more than $5,000 from Giacopo, one of two companies that Joe and Jill Biden used to control revenue from various public sources. “All of these White House staff members have years, if not decades, of experience in and out of government and are fully qualified to do the work for the American people.” A White House spokesperson said, who also noted that some of those named worked for Biden’s non-profit organizations voluntarily and without any financial reward.

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Tradition that buried Trump?

The cooperation between Biden’s organizations and the White House is in line with longstanding Washington traditions. People who are known to bosses and who have worked with them in the past are often hired. “It is customary for presidents and senior government officials to carefully select those close to them, who then occupy them for individual positions.” says Max Steer, general manager of the Partnership for Public Services. “If you look at other presidents, they tend to turn their people into a network in which they then move from one position to another. A typical example is the wife of Hillary Clinton, the former White House president.” So Trump followed the familiar standard. The main difference between the current and previous presidents is that the people Trump knew from working in the company and holding important positions in the White House did not have much experience in running the country.