December 2, 2021

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The vaccine works!  Britain and Tunisia are equally affected, but there is a dramatic difference

The vaccine works! Britain and Tunisia are equally affected, but there is a dramatic difference

Types of delta corona viruses are beginning to cause problems.

Many countries are tightening controls on new mutations and calling for rapid vaccination, which experts say could prevent congestion and deaths. According to researcher Martin Smadana, this can be seen in countries where immunizations are high, while deaths are not rising rapidly despite an increase in infections.

Israel – Tight measures

This will tighten the rules for travelers entering the country from next week. Everyone, including those fully vaccinated and cured of COVID-19, should be isolated or isolated at the airport for 24 hours before entering the country until the results of the corona virus test are known.

Previously, there were exceptions for those who had been vaccinated or who had recovered from Govt disease. The number of coronavirus infections in Israel has risen sharply in the past week, with 450 new cases reported on Friday, including patients with serious illness. New cases were caused by more infectious delta types. In Israel, more than 5.7 million of the 9.3 million people received the first dose of the Govt vaccine. The death toll is not growing fast.

South Africa – Third wave without vaccines

The mayor of the South African city of Johannesburg, Jeff Makubo († 53), became the latest victim of the third wave of the corona virus plaguing the country on Friday. So the authorities are intensifying their efforts to vaccinate the public. The latest wave of disease in South Africa is caused by delta. The number is growing rapidly and a maximum of 26,485 people were affected on Saturday, officials said. In South Africa, only a fraction of the 59 million are vaccinated. Population – 5.6 percent. “It’s too low to achieve joint immunity,” said a ministry official. Crisp said.

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Czechia – Infection in young people

Laboratories in the Czech Republic have reported a nearly 100% increase in new corona virus infections on a weekly basis. Nearly 50% of the population in the Czech Republic is vaccinated, and it is spreading among young people under the age of 20, says Health Minister Adam Vojtech. “They have not been vaccinated and have more contact,” he said. He wants to change police checks at nightclubs, which will focus on the validity of test or vaccination certificates.