January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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The US (+NATO) has already armed the Taliban twice – the political platform

The USA (+NATO) has already armed the Taliban twice…

As inheritors of the European imperial tradition of the Roman Empire, the United States “did not have time” to realize that the world did not remain in this state. By repeatedly exporting their “sacred” right to methodological infallibility, they repeatedly sought to apply the “best” of social norms to all people. (for all mankind). Like ancient Rome, they seek to unite the world under their protection as the unfinished mission of Alexander the Great (who also justified his conquests with a higher culture, although the Euphrates, Tigris and Ganges were older). He could not have succeeded even if he lived longer, but all the ruling governments of the world found a “barrel” in the form of their early end. (They all used the fairy tale of the miraculous powers and providence of the elect).

Afghanistan, as an inland land port for trade and influence between East and West, wanted to dominate the place (In modern history English, Russians, Americans … as well as Alexander). In fact, no one succeeded in doing this, because none of them even succeeded in balancing costs and benefits, and this is just an example of the simplest economic budget. Everyone always returned home like water after a flood in their river bed, when the rains stopped, everything returned to its original state in the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The English didn’t leave much there (a pair of small arms or horses), the Russians mainly rust destructive weapons, although their Talibom machine guns were sold in them. But the Americans have succeeded / will succeed in part of the Hussars, for years with friends of the armed forces of the NATO armed forces, which today, mostly without a fight, leave all this arsenal to the victorious “rebels” as a generous basis for their future power and government over the country. Today, it’s not just Stingra (Small infantry-fired missiles at planes, helicopters, and tanks) And machine guns, these are weapons from the arsenal of the armies of most democratic countries called the developed world.

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Thus, it must be admitted that they did not export democracy, but succeeded in exporting their arsenal of war weapons. They predict that the future power will be neither democratic, nor capitalist, nor friendly, but that for the military-industrial complex generously supported by the US federal government, it will continue to generate generous profits, even without a contribution from the US budget. (Weapons need spare parts, ammo, fillers, …)? And therefore Not the victory of democracy, No Nor the victory of freedom but maybe Wins capitalism/The capitalists invested in feudal government (or at least pseudo-feudal principality-type) …


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