October 23, 2021

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The United States will ask China to be a "balanced playing field" for its companies

The United States will ask China to be a “balanced playing field” for its companies

Monday photo of US President Joe Biden speaking at the White House. July 19, 2021. (Reuters) / Jonathan Ernst

The United States wants to ensure that its companies operating in China compete on an equal footing with domestic companiesUS Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said that during his trip to the Asian community, he traveled to the northeastern Chinese city of Tianjin.

“It is invaluable to hear from members of the American business community about the difficulties they are facing in China.

This is one of the claims of the previous US administration, led by Donald Trump, that foreign companies that want to operate in an Asian country have restrictions (many industries are actually excluded) and work with strong local companies. Among other factors, state aid.

image file. The flags of the United States and China fly under the American Corporation building in Beijing on January 21, 2021. Photo: Tingshu Wang/Reuters

In another separate report Sherman expressed the United States’ condolences for “those who lost loved ones in the catastrophic floods in Henan Province in the central part of the country” in central China and the recent torrential rains that killed less than 63 people.

high-level meetings

as part of you Asian tour, Sherman will meet with the foreign minister and Shi Feng, who is responsible for US-China relations.

Sherman is expected to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

US Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.  EFE / EPA / YONHAP / Archives
US Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. EFE / EPA / YONHAP / Archives

The coastal city will be chosen as the meeting placeAccording to experts cited by state television CGDN For Beijing’s efforts to reduce the risk of infection in the Chinese capital.

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“In recent months, we have not hired foreign officials in Beijing due to the need to control the epidemic,” he added., committed to Da Wei Network at Beijing University of International Relations.

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Relations between Beijing and Washington began to deteriorate in 2018, when former President Trump launched a trade war with China, which then spilled over into areas such as technology and diplomacy.

Pictured is former US President Donald Trump.  EFE / Yuri Gripas / Pool / File
Pictured is former US President Donald Trump. EFE / Yuri Gripas / Pool / File

After Joe Biden’s visit to the White House in January last year, the two countries have attempted to reverse relations, with some success so far.

Without further ado, this week the two countries shared allegations of supporting and managing cyber attacks around the world, and on Friday China announced sanctions against six Americans and one North American energy company. against 7 Chinese officials for violating Hong Kong’s autonomy.

What was the first visit when Chinese and US officials met at an advanced age, when US Special Envoy for Climate Change John Kerry met his Chinese counterparts in Shanghai? 20 months since taking a leading position in the United States and in March at the summit of the two powers in Alaska.

John Kerry Jundu and Wang Yi Reuters 163
John Kerry Jundu and Wang Yi Reuters 163

On this occasion, both delegates attended a tense meeting during which serious allegations were exchanged.

In this context, as Sherman’s visit to China was announced this week, One of the goals of the US State Department was to “manage responsible relationships”, which Beijing reiterated, should be done by mutual agreement, but not from a “strong position”.

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