January 21, 2022

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The United States produces more plastic waste than any other country

The United States produced more waste than all the member states of the European Union could afford.

The United States is the largest contributor in terms of the amount of plastic waste among all countries of the world. This follows a new report submitted to the US government on Wednesday. This was reported by Agence France-Presse.

The US accounted for 42 million tons of plastic waste in 2016, which is double what China produced and also represents a higher amount than all EU member states.

Each American generates an average of 130 kilograms of plastic waste annually. Britain came in second place with 99 kilograms per capita, followed by South Korea with 88 kilograms.

Eight million tons of plastic waste is generated worldwide each year

“The success of the miraculous invention of plastic in the 20th century has also caused a flood of plastic waste worldwide, seemingly everywhere we look,” said Margaret Spring, chair of the expert panel that drafted the report at the request of the United States. Congress states under the Seas and Oceans Conservation Act.

The report says global plastic production rose from 20 million tons in 1966 to 381 million tons in 2015, indicating a 20-fold increase in half a century. It is estimated that eight million tons of plastic waste is generated worldwide, the report said, which is “the equivalent of one garbage truck being dumped into the ocean every minute.”

At the current rate, the amount of plastic waste entering the oceans could reach 53 million tons annually by 2030, experts warn. In this context, they propose several measures to reduce the amount of plastic waste. These include using biodegradable materials that are faster and more easily recyclable, reducing single-use plastics, and improving waste management, including technologies for removing plastic particles from wastewater.

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