January 28, 2022

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The United States is considering imposing sanctions on Russia to deter Putin from invading Ukraine

Economic sanctions can also cover Russia’s national debt.

US officials are currently considering a wide range of sanctions against Russia to deter Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin from launching an invasion of Ukraine. CNN reported Monday, referring to people familiar with the discussions.

CNN sanctions under consideration include new measures against members of Putin’s inner circle and Russian energy producers, and a possible “nuclear option” – the separation of Russia from the international payment system SWIFT used by banks around the world.

According to CNN, US officials have said that the final decision on whether and when to apply the new sanctions is that decision. According to them, the administration of US President Joe Biden is currently negotiating with European partners – many of whom have closer economic ties with Russia – in the hope of coordinating actions.

Travel can also be limited

People familiar with the discussions said the new economic sanctions could also apply to Russia’s national debt. They are also likely to target the Russian oligarchy; They will limit their ability to travel and potentially disrupt their access to US banks and credit card systems.

According to CNN, new findings by US intelligence services estimate that Russia could launch a military attack in Ukraine within a few months, with about 175,000 soldiers gathered along the border.

CNN reported last week that Russian forces have deployed their capabilities to the border with Ukraine to carry out a quick and immediate invasion, including building supply routes, and that the current level of Russian equipment in the area means Moscow can supply its front-imposing line seven to ten days and units. Other support for up to one month.

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