December 9, 2021

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The United Kingdom has banned advertising on BMW for a ridiculous reason

The United Kingdom has banned advertising on BMW for a ridiculous reason

Radio listeners in the UK have complained about the reckless engine revolt of the new BMW M4. So that ad was banned.

Radio advertising for the new BMW M4, which first aired in March this year, began with the roar of the engine at high speed. Then the narrator’s voice says, “We can use words like strike, muscle or charm to describe what it really is, or we can use a compelling combination of color words to describe the emotions more precisely, but this is what you really need to hear.” As you already know, from section M’s workshop The still loud engine sound continued.

No more engine noise now

However, shortly after the ad aired, listeners complained that it was irresponsible behavior. BMW claims to be a side brand that offers M-Series performance and sports cars. So it is natural that the sound of the engine is one of the key components of a car.

The carmaker added that the engine’s noise was less than a second in the 30 – second ad, and that it was clear that the sound was recorded while the vehicle was stationary, so the ad did not refer to the car. Was driving at high speed.

Following the complaint, the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that motorized advertisements should not improve performance, acceleration or driving characteristics, except in a clear road safety environment.

The code states that advertisements should not indicate speed in a way that justifies or encourages dangerous, competitive or reckless driving, and that statements about speed or acceleration should not be the main message of the advertisement.

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Only one dissatisfied listener …

ASA, on the other hand, in its opinion speed and acceleration are not the main message of advertising or encouraging dangerous or reckless driving. “However, we decided that this would violate the code, as the ad revealed the power of the vehicle, without a clear safety background, and in reference to the interesting driving style.”

Therefore, the Office ruled that the advertisement should not continue to be aired in its current form: “We have advised BMW UK to ensure that future advertisements do not express power except in a clear defensive environment – or in a way that expresses enthusiasm. From driving dangerous vehicles.” No way.

For all this, the single advice of an unsatisfied listener disturbed from sleep while listening to the radio by the noise of a crowded in-line six-cylinder from the BMW M. Nuž section workshop is sufficient. A Tesla fan