December 2, 2021

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The Union will present new plans for the Northern Ireland Code

The Union will present new plans for the Northern Ireland Code

October 7, 2021 1:54 PM SITA

Bratislava. The European Union will present new plans for the Northern Ireland protocol next week.

According to the news portal BBC This was stated by the Vice President of the European Commission Maroš Šefčovič I hope the proposals will form the basis of serious negotiations with the United Kingdom.

The goal of the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol is to prevent British goods from entering the EU public market without customs clearance and to guarantee the continuation of the open border between the North. Ireland And the Republic of Ireland as part of the European Community.

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Unionists, however, argue that this creates a trade border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which undermines their position as part of the United Kingdom. London considers the border restrictions on goods to be annoying, and therefore wants to change the relevant parts of the Brexit agreement.

During a visit to Dublin, Sephovich said he hoped talks would begin by the end of October. According to him, the union did what it could.

“I hope the set of practical solutions we bring will be attractive to Northern Ireland and that it will be supported by most of Northern Ireland’s partners,” he told the Institute for International and European Affairs in Dublin.

He stressed that the union’s commitment to the Good Friday Covenant was “complete.” Difficult boundary.

British Brexit Minister David Frost said he expected short and serious talks with the EU this week. At the Conservative Party conference, he said the protocol was not working and should be changed.

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In July, Frost proposed drastic changes and threatened to use Section 16, which would suspend certain parts of the agreement, which he described as the only solution to differences between Britain and the EU.

According to Šefčovič, these threats will not help. In his own words, he did not present his proposals in the form of “take or leave” and noted that in order to reach an agreement, the United Kingdom and the European Union should leave their comfort zone.