October 21, 2021

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The ultimate conservative R C winner in the first round

The biggest candidate in the election, Ibrahim Razi, won the first round with 62% of the official results.

According to the official results released on Saturday morning, the radical Conservative Ibrahim Razi won the first round of the Iranian presidential election with 62% of the vote. Out of the 28.6 million votes counted, Ibrahim received Rs.More than 17,800,000The voice was announced by National Election Commission Chairman Jamal Orb during a press conference in Tehran. This year the electorate includes more than 59.3 million Iranians aged 18 and over.

The victory was preceded by congratulatory messages he received from his rivals on Saturday and the announcement of a winning outgoing president at the end of the first round the day before. “I congratulate the people for electing (…) who got enough votes in this election and we know who is elected by the people today“President Hassan Rohani, in a televised speech, later announced without giving the name of his successor. Following the news on Twitter, Instagram or the Iranian media, ‘ , Rivals, recognized his success in their own way.

According to state media, the figure is up in the early hours of the morning. Participation stats and final results are expected before noon (07:30 GMT). Official information may lie to the rare polls available, which accounted for about 60% of those who voted before the election. Voting activities on Saturday (until 9:30 pm GMT Friday) were significantly extended to allow maximum contribution under the good conditions given by the Govt-19 epidemic, which officially killed nearly 83,000 people. In 83 million people. According to the Force Agency, which is close to the Ultra-Conservatives, participation should exceed the 50% rule.

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Ibrahim Razi, 60, the head of the Judicial Commission, appeared to be his favorite because of the lack of real competition after the disqualification of his main rivals. In a country rich in hydrocarbons, but subject to US sanctions and in a context common to the crisis, the election campaign has been mild. Ibrahim Razi, who has emerged as the champion of the fight against corruption and the defender of the popular classes with the purchasing power to undermine inflation, is one of the four candidates who truly campaigned. “I hope he (excluding the population) will know the deficitOne of his voters in Tehran, a nurse, was dressed in black, he told AFP on Friday.

President Hassan Rouhani, then re-elected in 2017 in the first round against Ibrahim Razi, who then won 38% of the vote, ends his second term as a moderate, rarely out of power, leaving the government in August. In Tehran, it is not difficult to find non-voters who blame the government. “Nothing done“Not interested in participating in or pre-determined elections for the country, or even according to them”ArrangedLet Ibrahim Ra C win.

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With the call ignored by the deported opposition and some dissidents in Iran, Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei stepped up calls for a massive turnout. Without calling for a vote, former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a populist who saw his candidacy invalid in May, condemned an organized election. “Against the interests of the country“And announced his decision not to participate, in personal capacity”This is sin.

In Iran, the president has limited privileges, where power is in the hands of the supreme leader. Hassan Rouhani’s record has been shattered by the failure of open policy since the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal with the major powers in 2018. This withdrawal and the re-imposition of punitive US sanctions plunged the country into a violent recession, particularly the loss of government oil export earnings. Two demonstrations in December and January 2017-2018 and November 2019 were violently suppressed.

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On the question of economic recovery, the four presidential candidates agree that there is a solution to the lifting of US sanctions, which means negotiations to save the Vienna Agreement by reuniting the United States. As for the opposition among deportees and human rights defenders, Ibrahim Razi is a symbol of repression and his name associated with the mass execution of left-wing prisoners in 1988, a tragedy in which the person involved denies any participation. He is on the detention list of Iranian officials allowed by WashingtonIs complicit in serious human rights violations.