March 3, 2021

The UK Minister says there are 4,000 types of corona virus that causes Govit-19

LONDON: There are about 4,000 strains of the virus that causes COVID-19 worldwide, so all vaccine manufacturers, including Pfizer Inc. and Astrogeneca plc, are trying to improve their vaccines, a British minister has said.

Thousands of strains of the corona virus that causes COVID-19 have been documented as viral mutations, including so-called British, South African and Brazilian strains, which spread faster than others.

“The current vaccine is very unlikely to be effective in Kent or other variants, especially in severe disease and in variants when hospitalized,” Vaccine Deployment Minister Nadeem Zahawi told Sky News.

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“All the manufacturers, Pfizer-Bioendech, Moderna, Oxford-Astrogeneca and others are looking at how we can improve their vaccine to make sure we are ready for any variation – there are now about 4,000 varieties in the Kovit world.”

Thousands of variations have arisen as a result of changes in virus duplication, with only a very small minority likely to become important and make the virus valuable, according to the British Medical Journal.

“We have the largest genetic sequencing industry – we have about 50% of the world’s genetic sequencing industry – and we have a library of all kinds, so we are ready to respond to any challenge in the fall or beyond. The virus can develop and produce the next vaccine,” Jahavi said.

The corona virus novel – known by scientists as SARS-CoV-2 – has killed 2.268 million people worldwide since its appearance in China in late 2019, according to Johns Hopkins Medical University.

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This story has been published without changes in the text from a wire agency feed. Only the title has changed.

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