March 3, 2021

The UK has reached the target: to provide at least 1 vaccine for 15 million

LONDON: The UK government on Sunday said it has reached the goal of giving at least one Govt-19 vaccine shot to the country’s most vulnerable population, putting increasing pressure on ministers to clarify when the lockout imposed in early January will be eased. About 15 million people, or 22 per cent of the UK population, received the first shot or were given one.

All over the age of 75 make up the majority of the government’s top four priority groups, including leading health workers and nursing home staff.

“15,000,000! Amazing team,” “Vaccine Minister Nadeem Zahawi had a red heart in a tweet.

“We will not rest until April 1, when the most vulnerable and 50- to 50-year-olds will be vaccinated throughout Phase 1.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to release his blueprint on February 22 amid signs of a sharp drop in infection rates, hospital admissions and deaths since the UK’s third national lockout began on January 4.

Jogging has already begun between those who want to remove actions as soon as possible and those who are afraid to move too fast, which can lead to a re-emergence of the virus.

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