January 18, 2021

The UK has identified a new South African corona virus variant and is tightening the lock

LONDON: Two new cases of Covit-19 related to South Africa have been identified in the UK, Health Secretary Matt Hankok said on Wednesday.
Like the previously identified UK variant, the new variant of the corona virus novel is also leading to a massive outbreak of the disease in South Africa, experts warn that the country could face probably the biggest second wave.

“Both [cases of the new variant] Connections from cases that have traveled from South Africa over the past few weeks, “said Hancock, speaking at a conference on 10 Downing Street.
“This new variant is very widespread because it is more contagious and it looks more mutated than the new variant found in the UK,” he said.
The government’s emergency news minister has confirmed immediate restrictions on travel from South Africa and the immediate isolation of anyone who has been in South Africa or has been in contact with the country for the past fortnight.

Analysis of the new mutation in the UK and its pathway is meanwhile being analyzed by scientists at Borton Town, the country’s specialized laboratory in southwest England.
As a result, after ministers held talks on Wednesday following the registration of 36,804 positive corona virus cases in the UK, more and more parts of the UK are set to be placed under strict lock-up, the largest daily outbreak ever recorded during an outbreak.
Millions in eastern and southeastern England will be placed on the highest alert level of Tier 4 since December 26, which is celebrated as Boxing Day the day after Christmas, as the New England Corona virus variant continues to show high prevalence.
The Minister also revealed that while the release of the Pfizer Bioendech vaccine continues, the University of Oxford, which manufactures the astrogen, has submitted its full data set for vaccine regulatory approval.
“Everyone knows how hard 2020 was … but now we must not give up, we know we can control this virus, we know we can get this together … I know from the bottom of my heart, there are bright skies ahead,” He said.
The new variant, which was identified in the UK last week, was named VUI-202012/01 and with more exchange, several countries, including India, have cut off transport links with the UK in an attempt to try and control its spread outside the UK. .
The annexation of lorries built on the UK border with France now began to be gradually destroyed after an agreement was reached.

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France has agreed to lift a ban on visiting the UK on the condition of a negative corona virus test. However, on the UK-France border, about 1,500 lorries are facing truck drivers just days before they are due to start their journey to their destinations.
With Christmas and New Year being the annual holiday and holiday season in the UK, millions of people across the country are planning to meet friends and family after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson dropped the planned five-day “Christmas bubble” after scientists. Confirmed that the new Covit-19 variant is spreading very fast.
Under the amended rules, only people living in one to three tiers of the three-house bubble on December 25 for Christmas Day are allowed to socialize. Those in Tier 4 areas should celebrate Christmas with their own household members and support the bubble. They will not be allowed to travel to other floors to see family and friends.
Opposition Labor accused Johnson of being “always behind the Govt.” And urging him to move quickly.
“If scientific advice is strictly regulated, do not sit for weeks, suffocate, or procrastinate like you did last time – because it can have disastrous consequences and take the necessary action now to save lives,” said John Ashworth, Labor’s shadow health secretary.
However, Labor leader Sir Khair Stormer has written to Johnson, saying his party would support any government move to tighten controls if scientists recommend it.