January 28, 2022

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The U.S. Health Commission says vaccinated people can also spread the delta variant

In the United States, new scientific evidence has prompted Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to renew recommendations for wearing masks. Tuesday July 27, The CDC recommends that all vaccinated people wear masks in closed public places “Areas of Exchange Important and Higher”. It covers most of the United States, Including most southern regions.

The CDC recommends that all teachers, staff, students and those attending schools wear the mask. This is a turning point for the US administration; In May, It also waived the obligation to wear the mask indoors for those with a complete immunization course.

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The purpose of these new guidelines is to “help prevent the spread of delta diversity and protect others,” said Rochelle Valensky, director of the CDC.

The May recommendations were based on data showing that vaccinators are less likely to transmit the virus to others. But Variation Delta The scientist pointed out that the vast majority of people in the United States behave differently from previous versions of the virus, as they now do in France.

“Reports of delta variability from many states and other countries indicate that in rare cases some vaccinated people can become infected and spread the virus to others,” he told a news conference on July 27. “This new data is worrying and unfortunately justifies the update of our recommendations.”

A similar amount of virus

According to Rochelle Valensky, the CDC investigation found that the virus was present in people who had been vaccinated against the virus. This indicates that vaccinated people can easily spread the virus, although the chances of contracting the disease as a whole are low.

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“The vast majority of cases, such as acute illness, hospitalization, and death, occur only in almost non-specific populations,” Rochelle Valensky points out.

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The CDC last week estimated that 97% of people in the United States are not hospitalized for corona virus infection. Rochelle Valensky noted that vaccines reduce the risk of symptomatic delta variant infection by seven. The risk of being hospitalized after vaccination and dying from varicose veins is divided into twenty.

However, in highly contagious areas, even one in twenty or one in ten contacts may develop a primary infection (one case was diagnosed after full vaccination). It assumes that vaccines are 90% or 95% effective.

Vaccines continue to work best against delta variability

Ohio resident gets vaccinated March 2021. Stephen Jenner / Sofa Images / Lightrocket via Getty Images

So far, vaccines seem to be slightly less effective than other strains against the delta variant. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine It revealed Two-dose symptom of Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine reduces the risk of delta infection by 88% – 95% against the original strain. But one injection of the vaccine reduces this risk by only 36%.

Further, A Canadian study A peer review found that a single dose of Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine was 56% effective in preventing symptomatic infections caused by delta variability after two weeks. The rate for injecting modern serum is 72%.

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Symptomatic infections are more likely to be caused by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine than Pfizer / Bioentech or Moderna, as the latter are less effective: clinical trials have shown it The Jansen vaccine reduced mild to severe infections worldwide by 66%. However, South African researchers recently found that 94% of those who received the vaccine had mild infections., Including infections caused by delta variability.

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This variant is more contagious than previous strains; This means that it is statistically more prevalent, leading to more hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated people.

An Analysis of Public Health UK Showed that the delta variant was associated with a 60% increased risk compared to the alpha variant found in the UK. Most recent ratings Say the difference is close to 40%. The alpha variant is already 50% more diffuse than the original strain, According to the CDC.

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