October 22, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Foto: Premenu žilinského regiónu z masovej montáže na vyššiu pridanú hodnotu má urýchliť regionálne inovačné združenie InoVia

The transformation of the جيلilina region from mass aggregation to higher value added will be accelerated by the regional innovation association InoVia

The current character of the جيلilina region’s economy is mainly based on mass production, which is closely connected with the automobile industry. In terms of type, the economy is among the most endangered economies in terms of automation and the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The relationship of the جيلilina region to production is also shown by the selected data, as last year the highest revenue was reported by Kia Slovakia and its supplier Mobis Slovakia, represented by the 10 largest companies in the جيلilina region, Schaeffler Kisos and Songwo Hitec Slovakia.

And while we also found successful examples of companies that can provide innovative solutions and business development to the world, such as Hyperia, Nebbia or INLOOPX once (now Avast), three major organizations in the region decided to accelerate and improve the innovation environment – the city of جيلilina and the جيلilina Autonomous Region and University of جيلilina in جيلilina.

To make it worth living and doing business in the area

In recent weeks, city councils and councils have gradually voted to create an interest association of legal entities called InoVia. It aims to enhance the business environment and stimulate creativity, along with innovation and digital development. The Innovation Center aims to help prepare the region for the challenges of the future in transitioning to a knowledge-based economy:

“The intention to create an innovation center has been part of the regional innovation strategy since 2006. The inspiration for creating such a center has been functional organizations of this type in the Czech Republic, which create an entire innovation ecosystem for companies, municipalities, institutions and universities. The result is the creation of new businesses. development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the attractiveness of the region for students and workers, as well as the influx of foreign investment” Explanation of the article of approval of the city’s entry into the association.

جيلilina region can become attractive to people’s life, and they should have the incentive to set up higher value-added companies here and do business in Slovakia in general. Similar innovation centers in Moravia were a source of inspiration for the جيلilina region. The county and city will have a 45 percent stake in the new company, and the remaining 10 percent will go to the University of جيلilina in جيلilina. It will be possible to change the ratio by decision of the General Assembly.

The first director for a short three-year term is Ing. Vlastimil Kocian, who co-manages another successful Žilina company, the software company KROS. An innovation center is also being set up to prepare the region for massive inflows of European Structural Funds in the near future:

“One of the largest financial packages will be devoted to innovation in the next programming period. So we want to create enough capacity to link financial instruments to support innovation more deeply and more. In creating the center, we relied on examples of good practice centers in the regions of Moravia-Silesia and South Moravia, which are already operating successfully, “ Jan Pavlik, Director of SK’s Regional Development Department added.

The city of جيلilina and the Autonomous Region of جيلilina will contribute to the association the same amount of 45,000 euros each. The city estimates that next year’s membership fee will be 120,000 euros. If the innovation center is to operate successfully, the consequences for the region should be several times greater than the money invested.