January 29, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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The tobacco case has become a mimic of the state's protection of nature - Rudolf Badu

The tobacco case has become a mimic of the state’s protection of nature – Rudolf Badu





The deputy of the National Council of the Slovak Republic did what happens only in the protected areas every day, without much attention from the guards and the media.

While accompanying TANAP President Pavol Majko Romana Tabak (OĽaNO) under the auspices of the father To the place of her heinous crime revealed only on the basis of her irresistible impulse to participate, over the embankment in the Rakova Valley in the Western Tatras, a picnic was bought and sharpened. Apart from printing and cameras, the popular outrage and the interest of professional protectors.

Meanwhile, the forests leave buckets of blueberries harvested by blacker businessmen and permit holders since the world was invented.

Below Pribylina there is a traffic patrol that checks documents, while at the start of the already mentioned Račková dolina there are several cars parked daily, stopping outside the landscaped area, which are clearly marked and charged.

There are no feet and heads of law in the narrow circle of one valley. And there are dozens of ravines and valleys, as well as exceptions and privileges based on law, past or present business, common childhood, or command from above.

I have a friend who, despite my warning, has entered the service of a voluntary keeper of nature with his distinguished activity and heart. After a few months, it was no surprise.

An institution that can’t even provide him with basic equipment and weapons – did you know that only professionals (?) are entitled to a plain guardian shirt – has “blind” professionals and a large number of unemployed volunteers whose motivation to become an extended arm of the law would require extensive social study, hamper his enthusiasm, and his principles , the scope of his activity, and deals with the fact of whether he has service more than with documented acts.

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Picked up somewhere on the phone, it signifies verbal consents, which the other party regularly denies, threatens or begins whimpering about what the government or unrelated citizens are doing, and no one solves it.

On your own car, in your spare time and for fuel bought at the expense of the family budget, in pom-pom clothes, because this country does not even have a uniform, you do not let yourself be flooded with essential goods only for citizens for whom the laws are just a heap of bound papers, But – they seem to support and support in the institution, whose representatives speak very enthusiastically in front of television cameras or in front of the dictates of editors.

When the camera lights go out and editors enter the newsroom, masks fall from their faces like cold October rain. The truth is painful.