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The three Slovaks bid farewell to the president of the International Federation of Architecture in an exhibition match held in Saint Petersburg

24.9.2021 10:06

In honor of the current president of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) Rene Vassil, a hockey fair was held in St. Petersburg on Thursday. At the Sports Jubilee Palace, the legends of Russia opposed the legends of the world’s choice. Slovaks Miroslav Shatan, Ladislav Nagy and Martin Sterbak were also present in the jersey of the world team.

The Jubilee Palace hosted the 2000 and 2016 Ice Hockey World Championships. Prior to the match, Finnish captains Fen Garry Corey and Vyacheslav Fetisov spoke about Vasyl’s work over the past decades in promoting ice hockey around the world and building bridges between nations.

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Then the famous saxophonist Igor Butman played the anthems of Russia and IIHF, then replaced the saxophone with a hockey stick and joined the Russian legends on the ice.

Fasil appeared near the post and led it past the goalkeeper. Many great players from the past have appeared on the ice, such as Pavel Dachuk, Alexander Mogilny, Igor Larionov and Alexei Kasatonov in the Russian team, and fellow Slovak hockey players are Peter Beza, Jerry Alleger and Issa Tikanin, among others. The match ended in a draw 4: 4.

The new IIHF chairman will be elected on Saturday as part of the conference to be held in St. Petersburg this week. Representatives of the member associations will also elect other members of the executive branch. Five candidates are interested in the chair after the outgoing Rene Vassil, who has led the International Federation since 1994. Denmark’s Henrik Bach Nielsen, Czech Petr Briza, Belarusian Sergei Gunarov, Germany’s Franz Reindel and France’s Luc Tardiff. Satan is applying for membership in the IIHF Council and may become the third Slovakian member of the IIHF Executive.

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The first was the former head of Slovak hockey Juraj Široký, for two consecutive terms in the years 2003 to 2008, respectively. 2008 to 2012. Subsequently, representatives of the member associations elected another former head of SZĽH Igor Nemeček to the IIHF Council. He was part of the executive body from 2012 to 2016. In May 2016, he applied for re-election without success.

Team Legends of Russia – Team Legends of the World 4: 4

Objectives: Mogelnig, Morozov, Yashin, Medvedev – Raichel 2, Shatan, Hagen

Judges: Alexei Anisimov, Renee Vasyl, Mikhail Karpuchin, Konstanin Komisarov, Danny Korman

Russia lineup: Alexey Semyonov, Nikolai Chapipollin – Alexey Kasatonov, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Alexei Yashin, Alexey Gusarov – Alexander Mogilny, Igor Larionov, Andrei Chumutov, Alexander Medvedev, Pavel Dzhuk, Alexey Morozov, Kamens Butman, Alexei Zamkyo

Global selection report: Peter Besa (Czech Republic), Martin Gerber (China) – Martin ŠTRBÁK (SAR), Jerry Alleger (Czech), Christian Hofstetter, Antoine Deklux (both Chase) – Jari Curie, Issa Tekanen (both Finn), Miroslav Chatin (SR), Ladislav NAGY (both SR), Raeto Raffainer (CHE), Robert Reichel (CZE), Franz Reindl, Dieter Hegen (both Nem.), Philip Bozon (father)

Ovečkin junior learns the alphabet with hockey legends, and there is also Jágr or Chára: