November 30, 2021

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The third wave driven by the Indian variant begins

The third wave driven by the Indian variant begins

According to experts, Britain is at the beginning of the third wave of the Govt-19 epidemic, which is attributed to a corona virus variant first discovered in India. Thanks to the rapid vaccination campaign, the daily incidence of victims in the country is small, but experts say people should remain vigilant despite the easing of restrictions and good weather.

“There is a rapid increase in the number of new cases and at least three-quarters of them are new (Indian) variants.” Ravi Gupta, a microbiologist and government adviser, told the BBC that symptoms of the third wave could be detected.

False sense of security

“It will take longer for the previous waves to appear because we have a higher proportion of the vaccinated population.” Said Gupta. “That’s why there may be some false sense of security. We’re worried about that.” The expert added.

According to Sky News, other experts have warned against complying with the rules of the holiday today in the UK. Millions of people have visited British beaches, parks and other public places over the weekend, and today, this year may be the hottest so far and is expected to attract crowds.

“We saw how busy it was over the weekend, how it should be at a seaside resort – people are eating ice cream on the beach.” Said the head of a seaside theme park in Blackpool, northern England.

“We have two options. If one goes out of hand like it was before Christmas, it could be very serious and have to impose restrictions, or prevent it from spreading. But everyone has to be careful.” Susan Michie, another member of the government advisory council, said.

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This may interfere with the output

3,200 new cases were registered in the UK on Sunday. The daily presence of victims in the country of about 67 million, despite a slight increase, has been at a maximum of 70,000 new victims a day for a very long period of time since mid-January.

In the country, nearly two-thirds of the adult population is vaccinated with at least one dose, and nearly half have received both doses.

However, the slow-rising curve of the daily outbreak of the disease could affect the British government’s plan to further ease controls, which the British are expected to do on June 21. Boris Johnson’s cabinet wants to decide on June 14 whether the country’s restrictions will actually be relaxed.