January 29, 2022

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The Ten Fragments of Christmas (Featured Illegal Blog) – Miroslav Galovic

but then, today not only Christmas shards, but also the “mockery out the window” will be dosed after the cut.

Now, because I don’t Technical options to lock content (Neither circumference nor volume, especially when the volume for which these feasts were created are created), I urge everyone who is not in our area “popular use auto” (I explained last), To leave this area immediately, the door closes. If you are standing, wait.

And don’t forget to tag a popular travel ticket (My aunt caught the carrier once when she asked for 5 invalid tickets. Apparently she didn’t read the formula on the back: the unmarked ticket is invalid.)

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It works similar to my excellent blog Albanian virus.

do you know? To vám príde mail, Hi, I’m an Albanian virus. We are a poor country, and we do not have the technical skills and capabilities, so be polite and delete all files from the disk.”

In translation “Hello, I am an Albanian virus. We are a poor country, we do not have such technical capabilities and capabilities, so be kind and delete all files from the disk”

No, I’m not like that guy who knows Albanian. But sometimes I have fun with Google Translate. Last year, with the proverb, on the Christmas Blog Tomorrow we sing Silent Night, who has just returned from a round-the-world trip.

to return to the bottom.

We understand that this blog can have Read a maximum of 68 souls.

There may be something wrong with the vigilant follower. More details when we find other ridiculous pieces.

Now let’s go to birthdays.

Chard first. Christmas atmosphere *.

* by Wikipedia I should already write:

Earth’s Christmas gas envelope in outer space, which consists of 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and 1% rare gases and other elements.

They show pictures from the evening of the Mariinsky Namesti in جيلilina.

The atmosphere has remained, although very different from what it was two years ago. Without stalls with gypsies and sausages, the mayor does not personally pour the Christmas punch, and you can not even buy Christmas decorations or products of skilled Slovak hands and traditional crafts.

The firecrackers fell somewhat silent, too. Instead of hordes of human corpses, there are only islands of friends and acquaintances, whether it’s under underwear or just standing in the corner.

The second Christmas pandemic.

I suspect the pity of words is here, too. Let’s love the scene in particular.

lit box.

Blog image

(Source: -mg-)


Angel (Source: -mg-)


stars (Source: -mg-)

deserted street

deserted street (Source: -mg-)

groups under laubňami ...

groups under laubňami … (Source: -mg-)

Christmas decorations

Blog image

(Source: -mg-)

ball close up

ball close up (Source: -mg-)

Copolo pod

Copolo pod (Source: -mg-)

Christmas Markets (Quiet Islands)

Blog image

(Source: -mg-)


change (Source: -mg-)


barrel (Source: -mg-)


Borrowed (Source: -mg-)

Shard II. Christmas tree.

The one in the box is Beautifully lit.

Morocco, West, sunset...

Morocco, West, sunset… (Source: -mg-)

...and during the day

…and during the day (Source: -mg-)

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but you are We have the most beautiful homea. In childhood, they were alive, spruce or pine (fir was a sign of the upper classes).

You have already joined my children artificial. The same for years, even decades. When a proposal to buy a new, modern one came up three years ago, he faced a fierce veto.

And so we get older every year, the tree remains forever young as it is …

(Since we’re decorating until tomorrow, I’ll add the proof later.)

There are smarter…

residential floor

residential floor (Source: -mg-)

Piece of bread

Piece of bread (Source: -mg-)

Shard III. Bethlehem.

Nativity scene in the arena.  Behind him is the Immaculate Conception, a statue of the Immaculate Virgin Mary from 1738

Nativity scene in the arena. Behind him is the Immaculate Conception, a statue of the Immaculate Virgin Mary from 1738 (Source: -mg-)


patrons (Source: -mg-)

baby in bed

baby in bed

When the three kings noticed the baby in the manger, the first shouted, “Jesus Christ, it’s beautiful!”

Joseph looked at Mary reprimanded.

“You see Maria, that’s the name! Not Hugo!”

(I know, old. But good 🙂

three kings

three kings (Source: -mg-)

We still have such beautiful little figures drawn from the village, we take them out under the tree year after year.

It will also be added on Christmas Eve.

I made a few paperbacks from different magazines when I was young, ABC Czech was legendary.

Probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen sculpted In Rajika we are not. Master Joseph Piccard’s work is considered the largest animated nativity scene in Europe.

Nativity scene in Rajika Lisna

Nativity scene in Rajika Lisna (source: web)

It depicts not only Bethlehem and all that belongs to it, but also Slovakia with its traditional life, culture and crafts. Over a hundred wooden figures present women’s crafts, men’s hard work, children’s games, weekdays and holidays.

In the nativity grotto you can also find well-known national facts such as Bratislava, Trenčín, Orava Castle, Bojnice Castle, the cities of Kosice, Trnava, Levoca and many others.

(source: vypadni.sk)

If you don’t know where to go during the holidays, it’s worth a visit. You will also walk across the nearby Golgotha.

The fourth chip. Christmas tales. Often the sex is incorrect.

Christmas without Three pills, merazik or berenpebe? unimaginable.

But have you ever wondered what their gender is, especially nowadays, that they are incorrect and discriminatory?

Blog image

(Source: csfd)

Blog image

(Source: csfd)

Blog image

intentionally, Flip like Cinderella, for example.

That the widower (or one of the parents) have a son and a son. The first feels like a merazik (when I see myself in the mirror, I am happy with myself …), the second is pulsating.

And then, in a secret suit, he went to the ball, where the princess chooses a groom. And he’ll lose his low boots while jogging…

or Snowed and the seven dwarfs. I know it’s not a classic Christmas.

Blog image

(Source: rinterier.sk)

I like one of the most Ivan Mladic.

It is present in moderation fictional version Where the dwarves complain:

Someone left me with a plate. Lei, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me!

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Someone drank me from a cup. Lei, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me!

Someone was lying in my bed. Me and me and me and me and me and me and me! Shut up men. Lie down and sleep!

(And now turn the gender…)

Part of the fifth. Zimushka. Sometimes you just won’t fire a dog.

Well, you have to. And it’s not without censorship, so you have to fire yourself.

Life is at stake in residential real estateAnd sometimes pure ice.

Blog image

(Source: -mg-)

In the summer, I “mapped” the gardens of the settlement, and today we also discovered Christmas trees. I saw two in the crust.

Feeder with Christmas...

Feeder with Christmas… (Source: -mg-)

...also with usage instructions :-)

…also with usage instructions 🙂 (Source: -mg-)

The second option is Parkoles. From the meadow we walk through an elegant “gate”. Here, as in the housing area, there is also care for the operation.


bribery (Source: -mg-)

Forest grate (window expenses)

Forest grate (window expenses) (Source: -mg-)

However, they fired me...

However, they fired me… (Source: -mg-)

Six shard. Christmas Eve. And other good things.

Blog image

(source: web)

Classic with us.

During my childhood, carp were in the aquarium, but my father did not have the courage to kill him, we called the neighbor. Carp in a towel and a hammer on its head (as soon as the execution did not work and we chased it all over the kitchen).

With our children, we have already turned into slides, at least the bone pipettes fell off.

Today, when we meet the whole “clamp” at Christmas, we continue the tradition.

cabbage With the outer sausage (due to the vegetable branch), rather than sliced tooth pick (delicious) so potato salad (vegan soy alternative), Toast poppy.

And of course, wonderful eggnog Cuba Ginger and other goodies. This will be my first birthday at DIA, so I’m curious how I can put up with these pitfalls…

Blog image

(source: web)

Yes, and do not forget.

Huspenina. the best in the world.

Christmas Day, 1:25.  Boiled jelly.  The dilemma now is do you freeze or freeze on the balcony ...

Christmas Day, 1:25. Boiled jelly. The dilemma now is do you freeze or freeze on the balcony … (Source: -mg-)

Chard seven. gifts.

The times when we (and later my children) believed in Jesus were magical. We wrote our wishes on postcards and waited to see what would happen. Purely practical gifts (for example, Jesus deceived us or robbed us), as well as desirable gifts. For example, my first sled with a synthetic skate and metal rims. It did not matter that they were two and twenty meters tall, because they were on sale for CZK 200.

(I already knew that was not Jesus’ merit. And he wouldn’t have to save on gifts :-).

Mine best gifts But they are a combination of a birthday (I’m an October scorpion) and Christmas. They arrived in November, two years in a row. Wrapped in guinea fowl…

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The eighth shard. Christmas greetings.

Blog image

I’m from the old school. Classic postcards. Even classic newspapers or books.

But you will not stop the progress.

We used to send (but also receive) 40 postcards. Today they are printed by SMS, emails, messengers, vocapami …

Classic cut on the fingers. Another believer.

But a new one has been added to them.

Right from our local party.

There were two that year, one even from the kingdom :-). They were greeted by the whole team, and the royal monarch disputed the identity of the animal depicted. The deer and the hare reached the finals…

Blog image

The ninth fragment. Midnight Mass.

While I was still in the “Christian style”, I loved going to church. Until some time as a minister.

Yes ambiance Mighty temple, smell of incense, beautiful organ hymns.

To this day I am fascinated by the architecture of the churches and their interiors, and I have also picked up several log churches in blogs from the area, where there are none.

Today we will see two temples near Marian Square, where we are saturated with the atmosphere of Christmas.

Both are currently under renewal.


veiled (Source: -mg-)

Blog image

the interior

the interior (Source: -mg-)

The dominant constellations can be seen from the arena

The dominant constellations can be seen from the arena (Source: -mg-)

View from the parish staircase

View from the parish staircase (Source: -mg-)

Blog image

(Source: -mg-)

Veiled entrance.  I didn't take pictures inside, there was just a block

Veiled entrance. I didn’t take pictures inside, there was just a block (Source: -mg-)

Chard X. Carol.

Let the brethren go to Bethlehem, Dudlj Dudlj Dudlj Dudlj Dall, Christ the Lord was born, Buffaj a beautiful child…

V detstve for There were small concerts.

Piano sister, I’m an accordion and father of heligon (I’m a fan of heligon riders. Buttons without snow and storage, different sound when pulling and pushing…).

Later, when I had children, my cousin and son went out and played chants on the violin. Today we play it with CD while decorating the tree. Live chants are gone…

Perhaps the most famous song – A quiet night We’ll take a closer look tomorrow (going up, actually today).

So a little funky :-).

Surely you have your own fragments.

Feel free to bring them up in the discussion.

I didn’t mention people.

Family, Friends, Love (Kama)…

It’s not fragments, it’s the core.

This is another topic. Which One blog space is not enough.

Paradoxically off okienko.

So my dear.

It was a promising trend. After the only runners, a pair and, last time, even three starters were added.

But now Sodom Gomorrah…

One of us got off the bus!

Blog image

(I didn’t know that was possible. Please dear detainee! I erred myself and two bloggers :-).

in the next time

We will send Silent Night around the world.

We’ll see too What is left in the blog cache.

We will give something again this year belated Christmas gifts, but we’ll be moving something into year 22.

And let’s say goodbye to the “Irony of Fate” window.