January 24, 2022

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The Taliban impose Islamic rule in Kabul

Story – In Kabul, conquerors try to appease the people and diplomats, but atrocities are on the rise in the provinces.

The terrible siege of Kabul did not take place. The Taliban have invaded many cities in Afghanistan in recent days: peacefully, preemptively, and without facing any opposition from the military. On the streets, empty tanks still lie, deserted by their occupants. The country’s president roamed Tajikistan on Sunday morning with his closest advisers, and several Afghan government officials joined abroad. The place was empty and the Taliban captured it.

By evening, some of them had already settled into the Presidential Palace. Since the establishment of an interim government in Doha should be discussed, do not sit there officially, but symbolically assert their control. To take some pictures and videos we found on social networks. Surrounded by armed men, the officers called and invited their first press conference there

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