November 30, 2021

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The State Land Fund will be led by Moalemuddin Maroosh

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The Prime Minister said the change to the SPF is necessary, Maroch is present from a political decision. The opposition criticizes his choice.

The change in the Slovak Land Fund (SPF) was necessary because it is a major institution. Ján Marosz would lead it through a political decision, as individual bids were not very successful. This was announced by Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽANO) on Thursday.

The Prime Minister stated that two competitions were held. “But I can tell myself that I’m not satisfied with the way they went, I think there were a few candidates registered,” Heger stated. However, he does not blame the Minister of Agriculture, Samuel Flan (Candidate OĽANO). He thinks they are “Reversals of Past Times”According to him, potential candidates can be frustrated, for example, by a low salary.

He noted that because the bids were unsuccessful they had to take this step because it was urgent. “That’s why we said that we will take Jean Maroch out of the political decision for the time being.” Prime Minister admitted. According to him, Maroosh should prepare the transformation for a high-quality team of experts. “That’s his job, and then we pass the lead to that good quality,” Heger added.

As of November 1 of this year, Maroosh became CEO of the Sun Protection Foundation. The government approved his appointment at a meeting on Thursday. He will replace Jana tilichová in this position.

Callers in the sky

Opposition criticizes election of new SPF CEO. According to the non-parliamentary party Hlas-SD, the election of Marosa is an absolute disaster for the functioning of the state, municipalities, cities and farmers. The Smer-SD party criticizes the transparency of the selection procedure.

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“Today, the government has approved Jean Maroch, a former OĽANO deputy who was not even involved in the selection process, as SPF head,” Said Robert Bucci, an unaffiliated member of the National Assembly of the Slovak Republic, who works for the Hlas-SD party. He continued that OĽANO is leading Slovakia to the collapse of public finances and institutions.

“After a corruption scandal in the SPF, due to which Minister Mičovský had to resign, he will now lead a religion teacher who has never dealt with land law in his life,” Puci commented. According to him, this is outrageous, because SPF is a key institution not only for farmers, but also for cities, municipalities and citizens.

“How the governing coalition selects individual candidates in a non-transparent way and how it works is amazing.” Richard Takat, deputy chair of the Smer-SD party, also responded by criticizing the procedures for selecting the SPF’s director general.

“We have learned that today the government appointed its man from OĽANO, the man of Matovič and Heger, who did not even participate in the bid,” Takáč added.

first steps

Operations in SPF must be set to “Citizen came first.” This was stated by Marosch, who became the Managing Director of SPF as of November 1, 2021. “My first steps as CEO of SPF will be to set up all processes so that citizen comes first. To expedite the application process and at the same time fulfill all of our legal obligations.” Maroosh approached.

He said fighting corruption is the mission of his life. “That is why I have confidently accepted this challenge, and in collaboration with the team of experts, we will be working from the early days, to clarify the rules for SPF and reduce any room for corruption.”

“We need to resolve the situation (in the SPF) urgently and at the moment I will not be organizing any more bidding and wait for the bid winners to get over the pressure of the media, which is always on them and often manipulative, which is mainly initiated by groups that benefit illegally from confusing the situation and malfunctions SPF,” Agriculture Minister Samuel Flan (OĽANO nominee) said when asked why Maroosh was not participating in the bid.

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Photo of the new director of SPF Marosz in the gallery

According to the Minister of Agriculture, a support team will assist Marosz in the SPF. “So far we have 5 people, I’d like to get at least three people to work together. We have plenty of time until the end of this month to prepare a complete change management plan.” Dodal agrominister.