December 2, 2021

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The spa is on the edge of the crown, but also for the state

The spa is on the edge of the crown, but also for the state

A lack of proposals for spa treatment and quarantine procedures for foreigners and concerns of self-paying local clients led to the closure of all medical resorts in Slovakia at the beginning of this year.

Although they came back to life for a while in the summer, with the advent of the third wave of the Corona virus, the clouds are back to change their business once again. In addition, most of them are already operating according to the COVID vending machine in the black areas. Will they survive this winter?

black scenario

“More developments are still not favorable, to some extent a tradition of 2020. This is waiting for an increase in energy and food costs, an increase in the minimum wage and an increase in salaries for health workers, a rise in hygiene costs and epidemiological measures. The situation is already critical “, says Janka Zalsakova, President of the Spa Association Slovak”.

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The Slovakian spa needs a lifeboat, otherwise it will sink even deeper

The spa, which TREND talked about, is talking about declining payer numbers this year, too. It is these clients who usually “subsidize” their losses from state insured persons, for which the state does not pay enough through health insurance companies to cover all bathroom costs.

In addition, in addition to foreigners and self-payers, paid stays by health insurers have also decreased significantly, tracking spa care from previous outpatient or inpatient care. It has also been restricted by the lockdown. In practice, complications have led to stays cancelled and delayed deadlines.

Black season, fewer patients

As of Monday, November 15, the spa in Piešťany has also entered the black zone. The number of guests in their facilities is significantly reduced. “So this will again have a negative impact on the number of patients staying in our spa,” confirms Andreas Schuster, general manager of the Slovakian medical spa Piešťany.

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