January 29, 2022

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The Slovaks also managed the second preparatory match, and they switched the duel with the Poles

Yesterday 21:00

The Slovak hockey team also ran the second preparatory match in Bitum, Poland. After Friday’s 3:2 win over the Norwegians on Saturday, after a poor start, they turned the duel with the Poles and ultimately prevailed 4:2.

Women’s prep match:

Poland – Slovakia 2:4 (1:0, 0:0, 1:4)

Objectives: 18. Zieliňská (Wieczoreková, Gogolová), 58. Sikorská (Wieczoreková) – 45. Nemčeková (Drábeková), 48. Maskaľová (Vysokajová), 59. Korenková (Drábeková), 60. Košeckáov (R.) Haluš.

Bounces: 4:4 for 2 minutes, Strength-Boosts: 1:0, Weak: 0:0, Shots on target: 19:30. Judges: Kozlowski – Suchaneková, Szpytová-Juchová – 300 spectators

Real Configuration: . Coach T. Segín.

Audio after the match / Source: Hockey Slovakia /:

Tomáš Segíň, coach of Slovak Republic: “We had a slightly worse introduction after Friday’s good performance and the winning match. We fell asleep, the girls thought he’d work alone. But our game was getting better. The kids were determined to follow instructions. We were pressured, we shot the opponent again, and we couldn’t take the chance The meeting finally ended in the third period in our favour. We confirmed that it was only about us, around our surroundings, and our heads. Until the last moment, we thought we could do it.”

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