January 21, 2022

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The salary of the new policemen will surprise you.  The police also lure them for special benefits

The salary of the new policemen will surprise you. The police also lure them for special benefits

what’s in Displays? During his studies at the secondary vocational school PZ in Pezinok, military cadets receive a service salary with a minimum wage, which is 580 euros this year. After graduating from this school, you are also entitled to a PZ member service salary, while the job salary is at the level of €825.

The claimed additional cost of the rank is 2 euros. You can also expect an additional risk charge of €100, or a surcharge for the disproportionate service time also of €100.

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The housing allowance depends on where you perform the civil service and your service activities such as the department in which you work. If you decide to live in Bratislava, you will also receive a housing allowance, which is 102 euros. If you live in Malacky, Pezinok or Senec, you will receive a slightly lower housing allowance, that is, 52 euros.

The post of police officer is retained in the national salary level ranking 214- The city. The average gross monthly salary in this position in Slovakia ranges from €934 to €2114. The representation of women in this position is only 7%, while the average age of a female in this position is 28 years. reach the gate platy.

The police also highlights many other advantages that you, as a police officer, have. For example, the base vacation period is 6 weeks in a calendar year. A police officer who performs civil service in a difficult and unhealthy working environment is entitled to an additional one week leave.

You will also have the opportunity for further education in the schools of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic – SOŠ PZ Bratislava and at the PZ Academy in Bratislava. As a police officer, you are even entitled to a spa treatment or medical rehabilitation Provides, in accordance with the conditions established by law, spa rehabilitation facilities within the scope of the department.

It is also useful to have a leisure stay in Slovakia in the facilities of the Center for Special Purposes of the Ministry, or to contribute to holidays in the territory of the Slovak Republic for all members of the employee’s family and health care in hospitals of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic.

“Courage, honor, responsibility, law, protection and help are what a PZ member must demonstrate his moral strength and mental maturity,” Refers to the resort.

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But what is required of you? If you want to become a police officer, you must have the citizenship of the Slovak Republic and permanent residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

The required age is more than 21 years, if civil service student, the required age is more than 18 years. The integrity and reliability of the candidate should also be a matter of course.

Applicants are also required to have completed secondary education with a GCSE certificate, as well as physical, mental and health fitness for service and proficiency in the state language. You cannot be a member of a political party or movement on the day of your appointment.

Source: MVSR