October 21, 2021

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The ruling party won the assembly election

The ruling National Liberation Front (FLN), the ruling party in Algeria, won Tuesday’s assembly election in the wake of a historically strong vote and political crisis, the National Independent Electoral Commission (ANIE) announced on Tuesday.

His victory comes as a surprise, as he is forced to resign in 2019 by an unprecedented opposition movement, even though the party has benefited from an old and comprehensive establishment, due to a compromise with ousted President Apteles Bouteflika.

Ehpelen leads with 105 seats in the 407 seats, independent candidates 78 seats are available. The Movement de la Society for Law and Bikes (MSP), the country’s leading Islamic formation, which sought victory after the election, is ranked third with 64 seats, ANIE leader Mohamed Sorby told reporters. According to the first provisional official figures, the FLN, the former only party and the main party in the outgoing parliament, recorded a significant decline in the number of seats.

First Provisional Participation Rate 30.20%

It lost more than 50 seats and controlled a quarter of the elected members of the new legislature. The National Democratic Rally (RNT), which the FLN has traditionally held, won 57 seats (14%). “The foundations of this Parliament were built by the people in complete freedom and transparency”, Said Mohamed Sorby.

ANIE declared 5.6 million out of more than 24 million voters without giving a new vote count, but this should be significantly reduced in view of this score. The first provisional participation rate of 30.20%, already the lowest, was announced on Sunday.

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