December 9, 2021

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The rules are 40 pages long and the game lasts eight hours, which is crazy, says board game expert

The rules are 40 pages long and the game lasts eight hours, which is crazy, says board game expert

Board games are having great times. Thousands of new tables are added each year, many of them focused on adult audiences. Branislav Perek (43 years old) comes from Nitra and leads the Netherania club for several years, which in addition to general education in this field also produces Video lessons and reviews about the most complex board games, Its rules cover dozens of pages.

“For me, it has been the number one game of all time, and will remain, chess, which has seven rules that I will explain in two minutes, and that is it. At the same time, chess has infinite depth and infinite gameplay. I do not see such a game today.” “Just saying that I sometimes explain the grammar in 35-minute video lessons is crazy to me,” he said in an interview.

Not long ago, Joker or the Seven Cards, Scrabble or Man, Don’t Rage, was the pinnacle of social gaming! There are now many communities of people, casinos, events and festivals uniting players with an unlimited stock of new table games. What sparked interest in them?

It seems to me that it started ten to fifteen years ago. Games simply began to appear in Slovakia at that time. The main achievement was the appearance in our country of the most popular game Settlers of Catan, which was introduced in Germany in 1995. It has about eleven extensions. Germany in general can be considered a European power in the field of board games. Many games have been created there, and there are many publishers and authors. Every year Essen hosts the world’s largest social gaming fair.

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Settlers and Carcassonne was simple enough, fun, with a bit of serendipity and logical reasoning, and a huge gameplay, which gradually, albeit slowly, prompted people to be drawn to the other games. Gradually, publishing houses, shops and electronic stores also appeared, with the result that German and American rules of games were translated into Czech or Slovak. Games have become more accessible in Slovakia over time. They started talking about, writing, one friend recommended the game to another friend and the other … I don’t feel that there was a certain point, it happened then that there would be an increase in interest in board games. I view it more as an ongoing development.

Currently, the epidemic has also increased interest in games. According to my information, game sales are higher compared to the years before the coronavirus. That’s a concept from my point of view – we’re home, we’re closed off, and board games are a great form of entertainment and socializing.

What is the basic division of board games?

We mainly distinguish the so-called Ameritrach and Euro games. Both terms are already well known among gamers. The European Games originated in Europe, especially in Germany. They have sophisticated mechanics and victory is affected by a small share of luck. They are more abstract and more profound. I call them “chess” games and their graphic images are not very developed. Ameritrash originated in the USA and is story and theme games, the atmosphere is important. He often rolls the dice there, which means a large percentage of luck. As a rule, they do not work on the principle that whoever gets the most points is the winner, but they depend on the story, the movement of the characters and the development of events on the field.

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More and more games offer the possibility of single mode, so that you play with yourself. Does the term “board game” still mean in this case?

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