January 16, 2022

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The restaurant in the historic building serves home-cooked food daily

The restaurant in the historic building serves home-cooked food daily

RIMAVSKÁ Saturday – Who among us does not know a historical building in the city center – Lycceum? But do you know the taste of home cooking on the premises? In the daily menu, everyone can find something for themselves and savor their taste buds.

In the current situation, the restaurant Lýceum suffers from the operation of the operation, as well as all catering establishments. However, you can use their services in window sales or delivery. “Like every restaurant, we have felt a drop in sales. We expect that day will come and it will be possible to reopen our restaurant door to the public. We look forward to the moment we witness the hustle and bustle of customers at our premises again,” said the owner Jana Spodnikova.

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The owner of the restaurant is responsible for the entire operation and also cooks all the meals available on the daily menu. “We can guarantee that clients will leave us with a full stomach,” The owner of the restaurant said.

In favorable conditions, when restaurants and businesses can operate, it is possible to organize various parties, celebrations, weddings, etc. in the Lýceum restaurant. “We give customers a choice of a wide variety of dishes to serve,” specified by the owner. The restaurant has a capacity of approximately 60 seats and two rooms can be used for these events.

Customers who already know this kitchen prefer its taste that reminds them of home. That is why customers’ favorite dishes are dishes such as steak, goulash, meat patties, cuffs or turnip. In the future, the management plans to introduce recyclable packaging, and also does not exclude innovation and expansion of the range of additional servings.

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The restaurant’s daily menu offers a choice of five to seven dishes. The daily menu also includes dishes that you can choose from every day, such as fried cheese, fried ham stuffed cheese and fried fish fillet, where you can choose boiled potatoes or french fries. There is also a gyros which includes chicken, vegetables, seasoning and french fries. “I try to make the menu varied and it changes not only daily, but I also assure that meals are not repeated every week,” The owner explained.

You can order the daily menu from 7:00 to 11:00. And again, delivery is available. Of course, you can also eat your meals in person. You can pay for the daily menu, which costs €4.50 and includes soup from the menu, with cash, credit card or even meal tickets.

“Customers keep coming back to us and I want to thank them very much for their support of the restaurant and they remain loyal to us, even in this case, which is not easy for us either. I am glad they use the personal collection, but also the delivery,” Jana Spodnikova said.

The restaurant is open from 10:00. until 14:00 You can also watch the restaurant on social network Facebook social networking site. You can place orders on the phone number 0915817897.

The daily menu is already available on our news portal Rimava.sk in the section Daily menu.

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