November 28, 2021

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The possible launch date of the new Xiaomi 12 and other products has passed: what devices will we see?

December is around the corner and with it The expected presentation of the flagship smartphones from Xiaomi. The company plans to steal the top in first-class use Chipsets from Qualcomm and MediaTek. While presenting it recently MediaTek Dimensions 9000 You must use a smartphone from the panel Redmi K50And Snapdragon 898 is set to arrive on Xiaomi 12, which has already revealed its expected performance date. Performance revealed by Chinese platform MyDrivers And we can’t wait until when We will also see the best smartphone of 2022. However, according to the scheduled performance, it seems that this model will not come by itself. So what can we expect?

Xiaomi 12 will arrive sooner than we expected

Model Wednesday 11 As the flagship smartphone of the year Apply 28.12.2020. The Chinese giant has been in a hurry to introduce the smartphone, especially to take the top spot in using the 5nm Snapdragon 888 chipset, and it will be no different this year. The Snapdragon 898 chipset is expected for next year even earlier In particular, the date of December 1. Xiaomi will have to speed up to deliver its flag.

Xiaomi 12 model design leaked. Source:

Xiaomi 12 is expected to be unveiled on December 16 And the scheduled performance time is also interesting. So the leak of information about the upcoming performance indicates time 19:30 China time, so the performance is already going to happen with us It’s 12:30 in our afternoon. Interestingly enough, however, this is the company that participated in this show Reserved for up to 4 hours. And as you all know, 4 hours is too long to deliver one smartphone.

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There are likely to be many products offered

Due to the long view of the products, we expect that Xiaomi has been able to offer more productsLike only one smartphone. This is our last time They can watch such a longest performance in MarchWhen Xiaomi presented the equipment of the Mi 11 series and also the long-awaited equipment Mi MIX Fold. This introduction also lasted nearly 4 hours and It was divided into two days.

It could complement Xiaomi 12, for example superstructure MIUI 13 interfaceWhich we are all looking forward to. However, he also talks about performance built Xiaomi 12X či Xiaomi 12 Ultra Optimizer. However, it is not known what models will eventually be designed for the global market. This presentation, which can take place as early as December 16th, must be done Smartphones Designed for China Unveiled Together with the Chinese version of the superstructure. However, its global counterparts deserve their rewards Revelation in our market until the beginning of 2022.

Will you see the introduction of new products from Xiaomi? And are you grinding your teeth on one of the hitherto unimaginable smartphones? Share with us in the comments!

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