January 21, 2022

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The Pope called on countries to accept Afghan refugees, and also spoke about the trip to the Slovak Republic

Pope Francis has always been a staunch supporter of immigrant and refugee rights.

On Sunday, Pope Francis said he was praying for many countries to accept Afghan refugees. He also said that it is essential that Afghan youth get an education. The team apparently cited restrictions on women’s education in Afghanistan by the former Taliban government, according to Reuters.

“In these difficult times, when Afghans seek refuge, I pray for the most vulnerable. I pray to God that many nations accept and protect those who want to start a new life,” said the Angel of the Lord during Sunday prayers.

Reuters recalls that Pope Francis has long been a staunch supporter of immigrant and refugee rights. Thousands of Afghans evacuated by air in the United States are currently waiting for so-called transit countries such as Qatar, Germany and Italy. Thousands more are still trying to get out of their homeland through neighboring crossings to neighboring countries such as Pakistan.

“I also pray for the displaced (Afghans) to receive the necessary assistance and protection. Let Afghan youth receive an education that is important for human development,” Reuters said.

On Sunday, the Pope spoke in St Peter’s Square about his impending trip to Budapest and Slovakia. “I greet those who are waiting for me and with whom I would like to meet with all my heart,” Francis said a week before the start of his 34th Apostolic Journey, according to the Vatican news portal.

Francis entrusted his imminent journey to the prayers of many “heroic worshipers of the faith”, who in both countries had testified to the Gospel during the persecutions and called all believers to accompany him in prayer.

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The Pope will conclude the 52nd International Eucharistic Conference in Budapest with the Divine Liturgy on September 12, which began there on Sunday (September 5). After that, he will proceed to a pastoral visit to Slovakia. As he said, his apostolic journey would be marked by worship and prayer in the heart of Europe and would end with a “great popular celebration of the Virgin Mary with Seven Sorrows,” the patron saint of Slovakia.