January 28, 2022

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The pill from Ames? They found the gene that protects the heart

They began emigrating from North America to North America, and more specifically to Pennsylvania, as early as the eighteenth century, attracted by offers of land and open space to practice their newly baptized traditional Christian religion. They lived very stable, and their communities formed a strong relationship with God and family.

They have created a unique and very separate socio-economic identity, and their unions and family lines are within the confines of Amish groups. It is still valid today.

It is thus a unique biological specimen to science. And they themselves support him, guided by altruistic and Samaritan attitudes.

hereditary gold mine

“It’s perfect for studios thanks to its shared proportions and harmonious lifestyle.” Describes the Amish Research Program at the University of Maryland.

He adds that the 35,000 Amish living in the Lancaster area are able to trace their ancestry from twelve to fourteen generations back to a small group of immigrant families who stood by their communities in the New World.

Maryland scientists have been working on it systematically since 1995, and the special project has already achieved many results.

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