October 22, 2021

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The parrot happily asks Alex to add pork to the shopping list

The smart parrot has devised a way to talk to Alex, use the electronic assistant to add items to the shopping list and control the lights.

The African Gray Parakeet Max has a broad vocabulary, which also includes the ability to control heroine a tool.

Parrot owner shares a cheerful conversation with a bird on TikTok and Instagram The accounts, @maxtheafricangrey2000, posted on behalf of Max Franklin.

The clip, which was shared last week alone, has garnered 7.5 million views and features parrotsstrong human voice– Say “Alexa”. The distinct sound of the activated assistant can be heard in the background.

Then the 21-year-old parrot continues to add food to the weekly shop as Max adds “pulled pork”. In comic scenes, the device then responds by telling the bird, “You’ve already pulled pork into the shopping list.”

Perhaps that explains where Max originally got the phrase when he heard his boss think about life in Buffalo, New York, Include it in the list of foods. The captions for the video of the amazing exchange simply read: “Alexa has included ham hahaha in my shopping list.”

However, it’s not just food that Max demands of Alex, because the bird cleverly uses the gadget to turn on the lights. Another clip depicts a bird that, according to Animal Care Worldwide, is about 60 years old. It asks to change the power when the lamp swings across their cage.

Although separate clips show Max also figuring out how to play the radio with Alex, he does play songs, including rap, at some point in the early morning.

“Tell Alex to turn on 97 Rock and listen to my fellow dogs,” the owner of another video Alexa described to Max replied, “This is a station that loves Can, Classic Rock from Amazon Music.”

Gray parrots are known to learn about 100 words, and it was demonstrated by one of the most famous species, Alex, who died in 2007. The New York Times.

words, just as Max was aware The camera caught her while they were coughingAfter the owner caught a cold. “My husband is cold, I think so!” Provide a description of the clip.

Several people commented on Max’s abilities and vocabulary in a viral video, in which Nicolette Odenbach asked, “Are you kidding?”

Joanmarie723 thought, “Wow, she can imitate so well.”

“He knew what he was doing,” Mo said.

Casey Nelson thinks: “a crooked bird”

And that’s me, Valerie 2020, adding: “It’s amazing. Animals are very smart.”

News week Contact Max Franklin for a comment.

File photo of a gray parrot. The owner caught his pet trying to add food to the shopping list through Alex.
Michel Malki-Sloniki / Getty Images
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