November 28, 2021

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The original kitchen renovation cost them only 3,700 euros! Thanks to their skill, they have a nice bright kitchen in pastel colors

The kitchen in this loft has changed beyond recognition – a dark and narrow pantry has become a kitchen full of light and pastel colors. And what is the best thing about it? Everything fits into a good budget.

The owners of the loft are Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmannz, a young couple of architects from Studio HUJE. Despite the fact that the kitchen was not in perfect condition, the couple did not start renovating it until after a while. It took them almost a year, they worked on a large number of other projects themselves, in addition, they adapted many things themselves. Thanks to this, however, the renovation, which they did practically from the floor, cost up to 3,700 euros.

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From the beginning, the couple had the idea of ​​a minimalist kitchen, where simple, clean lines and natural materials dominate. As a basis, they choose Leroy Merlin kitchen cabinets, which suit them
They are produced in different sizes, so they can design a custom kitchen. The right price was also an important factor. They made cabinet doors from birch plywood, then painted them with matte varnish, and carved round handles into them. They also used waterproof plywood on the worktop. Thanks to the thick plastic foil, the panel can withstand difficult operations, and it is also waterproof and easy to clean.

before. Source: Hey

Since the couple saved so much on the line, which is a significant cost when renovating the kitchen, they could have spent more money elsewhere. They have mainly invested in sinks from IKEA and their dream come true is also SMEG appliances. Thanks to the simple design, it fits perfectly into the kitchen, but at the same time gives it a subtle retro touch.

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budget balance

The market offers a wide selection of plywood of various woods (mostly birch or pine) with different finishes. Helen and Julian chose soft birch, which is also the cheapest. In their case, the worktop is made of waterproof plywood, which, thanks to the laminate processing, can withstand even wet environments.

White line with golden battery and shelves

Source: Hey

Editor’s tip

Gold surfaces and accessories will elevate everyone, even a small space, to a higher level. They give it a touch of exclusivity and luxury.

least is more

The space in which the kitchen unit is located is not large, and the upper and lower cabinets visually made the space smaller. The young couple decided to empty the upper lockers and instead Just choose them skillfully Open shelves displaying only a few favorite pieces.

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Even the space remaining on the line is not overflowing with accessories and decorations, thanks to them the kitchen looks completely different, more spacious and brighter.

Brown white line with golden battery

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Quality is not just tokens

When choosing accessories and furniture, the couple followed the path of “quality over quantity.” It’s also good that for them quality is embodied not only by expensive iconic pieces, but they are looking for new, perhaps less well-known brands. In this way, they purchased a dining table made of curved solid wood from the Stattmann Furniture brand, which covers many young designers. All products are locally produced and their wood comes from European forests.

soft colors

The fact that the space is more airy and bright at the moment, was achieved not only by dropping the upper cabinets, but also by choosing light colors. The white color creates the perfect backdrop for the light color of the wood on the plywood, dining table, and chairs.

White line with golden battery and shelves

Source: Hey

The belt, in a subtle shade of gray, asked candidly about the line of work—it smashed the white on the wall and brought a simple but effective visual element to the space. It is the most important colors and patterns that bring a small number of accessories into the interior.

Text: Lucia Blasiova

Photo: hijo

Source: Wave Dome Magazine