November 30, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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The opponents were already frightened by Vlhová during training.  They got into their heads - winter sports - sports

The opponents were already frightened by Vlhová during training. They got into their heads – winter sports – sports

Four winning rounds, two wins, not a big mistake. Petra Velhova showed a great performance in a slalom slalom over the weekend. She dominated both World Cup races for Alpine Skiers in Levi.

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The top three repeated it the Saturday after Sunday.

After a turbulent period, a smile formed on his face again despite being under pressure. “At the beginning of this season, he will have to show the world that changing coach Livio Magoni to Mauro Beni was the right choice,” says assistant coach Matteo Baldessarotti, 40.

Did you have a great weekend at Levi’s?

Yes a little, but it wasn’t great. We were tired.

Is there any negativity from last weekend at all?

Mostly not. Skating is rarely perfect, but we did it. Petra did feel good at first on Saturday. Fits material and pillow.

She was a little worried about the second round of Sunday’s slalom slalom. The track didn’t suit her, but she did well. Everything went smoothly.

Her style seemed less elaborate than in the past. do you agree?

Yes, Petra is more graceful in bows. Thanks to this, he can handle the most demanding situations. We focused on that before the start of the season. We talked to Mauro about what and how we can improve it.

Petra Velhova feeding her fifth deer.

he's there!  Petra Flova wins second slalom at...

How hard is it to work with one of the best slalom skaters in the world?

Very, I am looking for details. We try to transmit the force and acceleration from the sled at the right moment and as best we can.

Gradually, Petra understood this and her slalom performance changed and improved. She was powerful in the past, but she couldn’t make the most of it. Today, thanks to a strong mindset, he can handle it.

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And what about the competition? Did something surprise you?

At Levi, we trained alongside our opponents. Everyone knew how we were doing and we knew how tough the competition was. Katharina Linsberger hasn’t been at her best.

Mikaela Shiffrin had a good, weaker, sinusoidal ride. I think the opponents saw Petrina’s face in training and were terrified. I hit them on the head and they remained under pressure. Maybe it helped us.

How do?

Petra is very mentally strong and I admire her more and more. One thing is that he sees a small advantage over competitors. But the second thing is to confirm that in the race. There are very few such athletes, and Petra belongs to them.

After winning a big soccer game and changing coach, some of the pressure has eased, but you still have to show form. The better atmosphere in the renewed team helped her. It feels stronger and more comfortable.

Is he smiling more than last year?

Certainly, though, Petra is under tremendous pressure once again. During every start of the season he will have to show the world that changing Magoni to Pini was the right choice. She knew she had to do it. Peter was shocked by the criticism in an Italian newspaper, while Livia was shocked.

Magoni taught me that if an athlete wants you, you have no reason to leave. I accepted the flexible offer to continue and am pleased. I feel very happy with Petra, Matej or Boris.

Petra Flova Read more CAUTION: When iron shines

You played a role in choosing a new coach. Why did you design Penny for Vlhovec?

I knew him and knew he was the opposite of Livia. I told myself that Petra needed a quiet man. It’s a great natural stimulant.

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It presses Petra, but in a different way than she is used to. Livio wanted everything to be 100 percent – every hour, day, month. When me and me do, there’s no time for fun. When we’re done, team unification begins.

Great performance in Sölden, excellent in Levi. What do you expect from this weekend in Killington?

We’re in a great wave, so I hope it continues. We will do our best to fight for the top positions.

We are in Finland for another three days and we will train. We will fly to the US on Wednesday and after Killington we will be preparing for the next races.

Mauro Bini - coach.

Boris Felha - assistant coach.

Is it true that you missed the convention at Lake Louise on December 3 and 4?

Yes, they are not in the program. We will practice.

Petra Velhova and her program for the 2021/22 season

Date of Event location and discipline Vlhovova . site
October 23 Solden – Huge Slalom 3. City
November 13 lech zorse – parallel zigzag did not start
November 20 Levi – limp 1. City
November 21 Levi – limp 1. City
November 27 Killington – Giant Slalom
November 28 Klington – limp
December 3 Lake Louise – Zagazd
December 4 Lake Louise – Zagazd
December 5 Lake Louise – Super G
December 11 St. Moritz – Super G
December 12 St. Moritz – Super G
December 18 Val d´Isere – Exit
December 19 Val d’Isire – Super G
December 28 Linz – Giant Slalom
December 29 Linz – meander
January 4 Zagreb – meander
January 8 Maribor – Giant Slalom
January 9 Maribor – meander
January 11 Flachau – limp
January 15 Zochnessi – Zagazd
January 16 Zochini – Super G
January 22 Cortina d’Ampezzo – Zagaz
January 23 Cortina d’Ampezzo – Super G
25 January Kronplatz – Giant Slalom
January 29 Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Zagazd
January 30 Garmisch Partenkirchen – Great G
February 7 Beijing Olympics – Giant Slalom
February 9 Beijing Olympics – Slalom
February 11 Beijing Olympic Games – Super Ji
February 15 Beijing Olympic Games – Congress
February 17 Beijing Olympics – Mix
February 19 Beijing Olympics – Team Competition
February 26 Crans Montana – Exit
February 27 Crans Montana – Exit
5. Brand Lenzerheide – Great G
6. Brand Lenzerheide – Giant slalom
11. Brand Do – mega slalom
12. Brand Do – limp
16. Brand SP Final in Courchevel – Downhill
17. Brand SP Final in Courchevel – Super G
18. Brand SP Final Courchevel – Team Competition
19. Brand SP Final in Courchevel – Slalom
20. Brand SP final in Courchevel – huge slalom
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WC standings (after 3 races out of 37):

1. Vlhová (SR) and Shiffrin (USA) both 260, 3. Slokarová (SVN) 184, 4. Dürrová (DEU) 156,, 5. Stjernesundová (NOR) 140, 6. Liensbergerová (AUT) 137

Slalom standings (after 2 of 9 races):

1. Vlhová 200 points, 2. Shiffrinová 160, 3. Dürrová 120, 4. Holdenerová 86, 5. Gisinová (both CHEES) 77, 6. Liensbergerová 72

Ranking in FIG. Slalom (after 1 of 9 races):

1. Shiffrin 100 points, 2. Gutová-Behramiová 80, 3. Vlhová 60, 4. Liensbergerová 50, 5. Tvibergová (NOR) 45, 6. Hrovatová (Slov.) 40

Parallel competition rankings (1):

1. Slokarová 100, 2. Stjernesundová 80, 3. Lysdahlová 60, 4. Bassinová (ITA) 50, 5. Hectorová 45, 6. Monsenová (NOR) 40