October 22, 2021

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The Old Town will once again discuss the operating hours

The Old Town will once again discuss the operating hours

Bratislava, October 7 (TASR) – The old city of Bratislava will reopen the topic of opening hours in its territory. She wants to invite all stakeholders, the private sector and the population, to the discussion. Research wants a consensus acceptable to all. The Prosecutor General’s Office is constantly challenging the Generally Binding Regulation (VZN) that enshrines the rules; More recently, the Antimonopoly Office (PMÚ) of the Slovak Republic has also drawn attention to discrimination in some parts of the document.

“It is a sensitive topic. It is very difficult to find a solution that combines contact between the private sector, which provides services for both local residents and visitors, with the residents, that is, residents of the old town.” Old Town Mayor Zuzana Ovrekhtova told TASR.

According to her, the city district is struggling most with the fact that all proposed amendments are being challenged by the prosecutor in the prosecutor’s office, where one can always find a legal argument with which the prosecutor is obliged to comply. During the latest VZN modification, the city district warned in a letter from PMÚ SR that it was discriminatory. It states that the same type of operation can only be organized if it is in the yard and differently if it is on the street, because it offers the same scope. “The municipality cannot limit his business just because we want to ensure ‘peace,'” Aufrecht explained.

At the September meeting, the local council amended the relevant VZN. It eliminated discriminatory parts and shortened working hours in restaurants, bars and stands. They should be abbreviated from 24.00 to 23.00 and from 3.00 to 2.00 respectively. VZN enters into force on January 1, 2022. “Until January, when we postpone the VZN event, we will try to find peace and a way in which the regions and operations are perfect,” Aufrichtová noted, noting that even part of Staromešťany did not want businesses closed at 22.00.

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When asked whether the period until January next year was sufficient to find an enforceable consensus at the city police level, the mayor answered in the affirmative. She noted that these are just a few of the notorious offending institutions. The problematic location is Šancova Street near the YMCA building, some operations under the Michalská Gate and in the pedestrian area, as well as near the Old Market.